Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day 122

I'm posting a couple of silk charmeuse scarf results 
from my Day 121 post.
As seems to happen quite frequently these days,
I had hoped to post photos sooner, but.......

Both scarves are a tad bit brighter than they appear, 
but I suppose you'll just have to take my word for it! always, you can purchase directly in the 
wearable arts department of my website.

Here's what's in today's dye pot:

Hopefully I'll post result pics soon!

....and I've had a chance to do a bit more machine quilting
on my 'mystery' piece:

I'm enjoying it.

We had company for dinner last night,
and as I was putting everything back in place today,
I thought you'd enjoy a pic of what remains of our table

That's one of my snow-dyed fabrics as our table runner,
and daffodils, hellebores, and camellias
in my little vases.
I just love Spring!

I've gotten a bit of knitting done this week.
Here's my latest cast-on:

This will be a very simple pullover sweater for me.
The yarn is Mrs. Crosby's Steamer Trunk
in the Northern Parula colorway.
I think it'll be great with jeans on cooler days.

Thanks for stopping by.



Jeannie said...

Gorgeous results! If our weather holds, I'll be opening the dye studio before May. Last year I missed out since it got too hot too early. I love the fabrics in the mystery quilt. The upper one looks like abstracted hydrangeas. Have a fabulous weekend!

Carol said...

Dreamy fabrics, Judy, glorious colours. Your mystery quilt will be beautiful. I see a most wondrous sky in that first quilt pic. I just love your snow dyed runner - that is breathtaking. As usual, you amaze and delight me! xxx