Saturday, October 01, 2016

Catching Up & Starting Anew


It's been a very long time since I've posted, but I thought I'd give it a go!  

My intention is to give a weekly update of what's happening in my creative life (and perhaps tiny excerpts from my 'other' life).

I enrolled in the Fall semester of weaving at UNG and am learning a tremendous amount.  I am the only student in the second level, but there are six students in level one, and one student in level five. We all meet together and our extremely capable professor is able to guide all of us in our work during our three hour class.  Thus far I've woven a baby blanket (shhhh, it's a surprise!) in waffle weave and a market bag in log cabin.

I've dressed my loom and will begin weaving a piece in honeycomb next week.

I'm knitting daily, although some evenings I'm so tired it's a challenge to pick up those needles.  
Here are my projects:
Winter hats for our grands, knit from DMC kits called Top This! Hats

I'm participating in Knit Purl Hunter's September Scoreboard KAL. I'm using Georgia Tech's grey and gold colors.  The greys represent times when Tech scores in a game, and the gold are for the opponent.  Two weeks ago Tech did very well against Mercer, hence all of the grey.  Last week, however, we didn't do quite so well against Clemson.  Let's see how today goes against Miami. This piece will be a cowl......not sayin' for whom!

This is my seriously sober knitting:

It's the Cascade Pullover designed by Michele Wang and knit using Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter, which has to be one of my all-time favorite yarns.  I try to knit two rows/'s a real challenge for me but keeps me honest!  Thus far I'm 11.25" up the body (this is knit in the round, so it's front & back at the same time, thank heavens!), and I have to knit to 17" before I add the sleeves (which must be knit separately first).  I cannot wait to wear this sweater and I truly adore the challenge I face every day when I pick up my needles.

These are my latest go-to late night socks:

I'm using the Smooth Operator Sock pattern by Susan B. Anderson. The bottom pic shows the afterthought heel placement (thick white line), which I will begin dealing with today or tomorrow.

I'm also having great fun playing around with Halloween costumes for the grands.

Charlie and I began concocting his robot costume Labor Day weekend, and above is the top.  He has all sorts of gauges, as you can see, plus orange and lime green 'fuel injectors'.  What you can't see is a great pouch on the left side which holds battery operated flashing lights.  He also has a great helmet, which I hope to show you next week.  Maggie will be a butterfly, and she and her Mom are having a great time decorating her wings.  I need to work on her 'skirt' this afternoon......don't all butterflies have hand-dyed silk gauze skirts?????

My plan, as I said, is to be back next week, with an update of my projects.

Hope you are having a great weekend.  It's finally FALL here in northeast GA!!


Anonymous said...

So great to see you back on the blog, Judy!! You've been busy, with so many gorgeous projects on the go.
Nancy S.

Carol said...

My goodness, you are so, so active! Which is fabulous, of course, but no wonder you're tired in the evenings. Everything you've shown here is beautiful, and so varied. Your grand cherubs will look adorable this winter in their cute hats, as will you in that very complicated sweater. Lovely to see you back blogging. xxx

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Glad to see you are back posting! Sounds like you are having a great time wearing yourself out... sounds like me!