Friday, February 03, 2006

Catching Up!

As I said, it's been 8 months of silence and now that I've figured out how to post photos, I have tons to show and tell!
The first photo is of my dog Barker and his sister, Betty. They are such high energy dogs that I am glad that we only have Barker. Betty is owned by another gal in our town, so the two sibs get together periodically at the groomers. It is nice for them as they remember eachother and enjoy their little reunions. Barker likes to spend time in my studio while I am dyeing...frequently he emerges "wearing" the color of the day!
The second photo is of my daughter Kristin and her husband Dave on their wedding day: July 3rd, 2004! Happy Monthiversary Kristin and Dave...and almost happy birthday to you, dear Dave (Feb 6th)! Aren't they a lovely couple? They both graduated from Georgia Tech and earned degrees in Mechanical Engineers, although Dave writes software now for an international travel company. Kristin's official title is "Transmission Line Design Engineer" for Georgia Power. You go girl!! Both work long and hard and Yes, I am one proud Mama of both of my kids!!!
Now to the present: it was an unseasonably warm and sunny day in Atlanta - shirtsleeve weather, actually. We spent the morning viewing the orchids at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The Orchid Show officially starts tomorrow but we got to see some amazing specimens today. I will post photos soon! I would love to paint some orchids on silk...there will be some lovely ones done by a group called Silk Synergy on display at the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta this spring.....I can't wait to see them.
What did you do today? I hope the weather was lovely in your neck of the woods and that you had a chance to be active and out of doors!


Rayna said...

What a gorgeous couple!! My old eyes are having a bit of trouble reading the small type on your blog - is that 'regular' size?

Nice day for orchids, or anything.
I was printing fabric today for a guild that wants samples that will entice people to sign up for my class. LOL - as soon as I am conscious that it has to be 'pretty' - it is a big disaster.
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Judy said...

yes, it is "regular"...and I will go to the super sized next time around...don't we all have old and tired eyes!!!
glad you had a good day too! what guild needs your samples? They can just check out your web site or your blog and know that they 'need' to have you!!!