Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Dawn of a New Day

I snapped this pic last weekend at our condo in Atlanta.
The sun was just rising.
I couldn't sleep.
The pic is so apropos to how I am feeling.

You see, it's been just a little over a year
since I received my wake up call.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer on August 13, 2013.
The year that followed was eye-opening in many ways.
I won't go into detail about that,
but many times I thought about the art I wanted to make
when I felt stronger.
I began making that art this week.
It is very exciting to me.

I'm carving more stamps,

an exercise that is near and dear to my heart.

I'm doing more free motion machine stitching.

…..and I'm trying techniques that simply
pop into my head…..
the 'what ifs' 
that I had always been afraid to try in the past!

Don't wait for a wake up call!
Play today and enjoy every minute!

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace to you and yours.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Vacation time at RDC

We have just returned from the most marvelous vacation!
For the past 30 years, we have enjoyed at least a week
almost every summer on the shores of Squam Lake
at a magical place called Rockywold Deephaven Camps.
Our week there this year ranks as one of the best ever.
Our daughter, son-in-law and both grandkids were along,
so it was busy and very exciting.
We fell in love with RDC when our daughter was just four.
Seeing this beautiful part of nature through her eyes 
was truly a joy….
and now we are getting to do it all over again 
with Charlie and Mags!
The weather couldn't have been more perfect,
and the lake, although a bit chilly to our Southern toes,
was energizing and always a treat.

We hiked up our favorite Rattlesnake

Charlie took his first sail with his Dad

we kayaked

we swam

and some of us even square danced!

We were always inspired and awed by the nature around us

a 'sunrise' from our cabin
sunset from our cabin
sunset at Rockywold Main Dock

There were frogs

and there was tons of ice cream!

……and I even managed to get in a little knitting

my Banana Leaf Shawl has grown!

and I started a second Tan Yard Brook Shawl!

and we were serenaded by the wonderful call of the loons at night

Thanks for popping in!

Peace to you and yours!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Knitting/Sewing up Loose Ends

I've finished knitting two shawls over the past week!
neither is blocked yet!
Above is Jennifer Lassonde's Tan House Brook Shawl,
knit from one of Schoppel's Crazy Zauberballs.
Here's another shot of it, styled a bit differently

I also finished my Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl,
designed by Paula Emons-Fuessle.
It's knit from leftover yarns in my stash, plus one black skein of 
Plymouth Yarn Sakkie.

So, having finished two shawls, I've cast-on another!
This is the beautiful Banana Leaf Shawl, designed by Yuki Ueda.

I'm knitting this with Quince&co. piper,
which is 50% superfine Texas merino & 50% Texas mohair.
It is the softest most wonderful yarn I've ever held in my hands!
I can just imagine how glorious it will feel around my neck and shoulders!

I got out in the studio the other day and did a bit of thread dyeing for my next art quilt.
It was great to play with the dyes again!
I'll have pics to share soon!

And I'm playing around with a new outfit for Maggie.
Here Mama chose the dress design,
and I picked out the fabric.
Here is the little diaper cover:

Hopefully I'll have a dress photo to show in a few days!
Speaking of diaper covers, Maggie (now 20 months)
told her Mama that she needed her diaper changed the other evening.
She pointed down at her diaper and then over at 
her changing table.
Her Mama giggled, because this was a first 
(sometimes she will say she needs to go potty,
and sometimes she will go and sometimes she won't).
Maggie looked very sad when her Mama giggled,
so she held her hand out like a policeman and said 
"Stop, Mama, stop!"
Never a dull moment with Maggie & Charlie!

We're closing in on another weekend - where do the days go?

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace to you and yours!

Thursday, August 07, 2014


'Stage II'  judyinthedyes
I finished 'Stage II' earlier this week.
The base of this art quilt is dyed and painted silk crepe de chine that I completed
for Jane Dunnewold's Art Cloth Mastery Program.
I had done much of the surface design during the last two weeks of my Mother's life,
while she was in Hospice care,
and then I found it too difficult to work with and even look at (after her death)
until a little over a year ago.
Then I cut it all up into pieces like you see here,
and began to hand embroider and appliqué it.
It became a very nice meditative piece….
and then I was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer…..
and it became even more meditative.
On days when I couldn't find energy to do anything else,
Stage II was always there for me.

I love the effect of disperse dyed polyester sheers,
so I added those after taking a class this past Spring 
with Cas Holmes.
I machine quilted those pieces.

I also love the manner in which Jane LaFazio creates 
her art quilts, so she has influenced me heavily in this piece -
although I've not taken an art quilt class from Jane.

Here are a few detail shots:

machine embroidered flower stem on the right panel with disperse dyes, hand embroidery on the left

my favorite panel with lots of handwork

another panel of disperse dyed polyester with machine embroidery, surrounded by hand embroidered sections

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Peace to you and yours!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Sewing a Knitting Project Bag

I don't like to keep my yarn in plastic bags.
There's just something about the idea of plastic against those 
wonderfully luxurious fibers that bothers me.
……and, I also don't like zippers close to my knitting,
so I make my own project bags with drawstrings.
I have a lot of different sized bags, according to the project,
and since I also have a LOT of hand-dyed fabrics,
I make many bags - for myself.

This is the latest bag,
and I am so in love with it.
The drawstrings are long enough
that when my project is snug inside,
I can pull the strings together and use them as a handle.

and as you can see,
it is just the right size for a shawl to fit inside nicely!

Thanks for popping by!

Peace and love to you and yours!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Summer Knits & Sews

judyinthedyes "Whimsy"

I've had the most fun ever thread painting my snow-dyed table runner!
I decided it needed to be named "whimsy", because the flowers are just that: whimsical.
Since the backside is just white, 
You can see a bit more of my thread painting here:

judyinthedyes "whimsy"

Here is a shot of almost all of "Whimsy", but it is a long one, so without the aid of a step ladder, I couldn't shoot it all!
(ok, I've tried to fix this font, but it's not behaving!!!
I think it thinks it's a caption, and there's no changing its mind!)

and, at the risk of boring you all, here are a few more shots:

I'm not good at getting these pics collaged, and I'm too lazy to go back into my phone and do it, so please ignore these if they are bothersome to you!

In case you can't tell, I am in love with how this turned out.  I learned a LOT and can't wait to tackle the next one!

I've also finished a smallish art quilt, "Stage Two", which deals with my cancer journey over the past year.  This is one small segment of it:

Once I get the facing sewn on, I will show more images.

And, of course, I've been knitting!  I listen to several knitting podcasts, including "Knitting Pipeline" by Paula Emons-Fuessle.  Paula designed the Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl a while back, and I became intrigued by it, so decided to knit it.  Here is my Magic Cake before I began:

and here's how my shawl is looking now:

I'm almost to my last color, and then I will begin the ruffle.  So, I should be done soon!

I'm also knitting the Tan House Brook Shawl,
designed by Jennifer Lassonde, 
Here's how mine is coming along:

I'm knitting this out of Schoppel's Crazy Zauberball,
which is a real kick!
I love the color changes, and as you can see,
this should go well with both jeans and a nice dress-up black.

July was a busy month for us.
We celebrated C's birthday - almost continuously,
but in great detail over the third weekend,
eating any and everything, and everywhere he desired.
It was a lot of fun, I've got to admit!
……and here is how my July looks in photos:

Thanks so much for stopping by.
If you like, please leave a comment….
I love hearing from each and everyone of you!

Have a super weekend!

Peace to you and yours!