Sunday, October 04, 2015

Day 64

it's been a busy day,
but I managed to stitch up one pinwheel block (at 6:30 AM)
and get the above one fat quarter of cotton ice dyed

woohoo: I've completed Day 64!

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Day 63

We've been out of town,
and now I'm trying to get my mojo back.
I'm liking this one very much!
here's a detail shot:

here's my block for today:

I'm playing around with the red violet, seeing if it will work in pinwheels

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day 62

This piece is another fat quarter of Test Fabric's 419,
but this time I iced-dyed it.
I like the results so much better than the
low water immersion that I did on the two previous days.
Here's a detail shot:

I've had a chance to add a couple more pinwheel blocks
(lower right)
to the Maggie quilt project:

this is not how they will be positioned in the quilt,
but in the interest of space and time,
I chose to photograph them this way.

Thanks for all of your great suggestions
on the floppy ear dilemma
on Maggie's bunny costume.
I'll let you know what we decide to do....
and if it works!

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 61 - Maggie the Bunny

I've once again overdyed yesterday's fq of cotton.
I'm liking it much better now.

I had enough time to make just one more pinwheel block.

The big news is that I finally finished the bunny costume
and delivered it to Maggie.
It's difficult to get a 2-1/2 year old to pose for pics:

Charlie was getting into the act in this one:

and she loves her pompom tail

The ears are not such a success.
We are trying to figure out how to get them to stand up,
and have come up with a couple of ideas....
pipe cleaner supports being one.
Any thoughts????

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 60.....from Hell!

It's been a challenging day.  
Even the above fq didn't turn out as I had hoped.
The good news is, there's always tomorrow!

I spent most of today racing against the clock
to finish Maggie's Bunny costume.
Did I tell you how very much I DETEST this
Of course, I must add that I changed a lot of the details,
so I had to continuously adjust the directions.
I do like the challenge....
but when you're getting down to the wire,
not so much!

I've condensed the bunny above,
so that I could fit it all into the picture.
Hopefully I'll get a pic of Maggie wearing this tomorrow.

I do like the pink tummy!
So soft and plush!!

.....and then I changed the pattern to add a pompom cotton tail
I'm not good with pompom construction,
so I Googled it and found this:
the directions called for 2 toilet paper rolls....
I didn't have time to wait for 2 rolls to become available  ;-0
so I used two pool noodles

I like the way it turned out

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 59....still dyEing

I am having so much fun piecing Maggie's quilt
that I have decided to make a few more quilts for me/us,
using my hand-dyes, as I am with hers.
So, thinking waaaaay ahead, 
I am dyeing up a few sample fat quarters.
Above is the first one,
and it's not nearly dark enough.
So, it's good that I am only dyeing fat quarters.
I will try again tomorrow.

In the meantime,
I have busied myself constructing Maggie's bunny costume/suit.

This is a Burda pattern that I purchased online.
It was a download, and I will tell you right now
I learned to sew using Simplicity patterns,
and like all other US patterns, the seam allowances 
are included in the pattern.
Burda, as most of  you know,
does not do that.
So it's a pain in the patoody to remember to add the seam allowance.
Would it be so difficult for Burda to do that?????
Just saying.....
And the directions for this costume leave much to be desired.
I've been sewing for well over 50 years *YIKES *
and I think I can follow a pattern fairly well....
but this one leaves a lot to the imagination.
If I was a beginner sewstress, I wouldn't know what in tarnation
they were talking about or how to proceed.
So, I give this pattern company a thumbs down.
That said, it was the only bunny pattern
I could find online.

I have just finished listening to
"The Girl on the Train".
Have you read it or listened to it????
It is phenomenal!!
I highly recommend it.

OK, that's it for tonite.

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peace to you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 58

I'm totally in love with this one!
It didn't turn out at all as I had envisioned it would,
but I like it even better.

and here are my blocks for today

I ripped out the seams on the one on the left
(yesterday's block)
and redid them
it's better, but still not perfect

your opinion on the center block, please....
what do you think?
do you like the color against white better?

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