Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shrove Tuesday

Happy Shrove Tuesday everyone! Well, I had every intention of snapping some pics tonight at our church's annual Shrove Tuesday dinner, but since I was part of the cooking team and flipped pancakes all evening, there just wasn't time! So, just visualize moi at the griddle, flippin' pancakes for 160 hungry folks! I'm just glad I survived the ordeal.


Eva said...
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Eva said...

Hi Judy!
I'm also glad that you survived yesterday evenings "pancaking".
;-) :-):-D =)

Birthdaygift for Bertil...?!?!
I really don't know. Actually I haven't thought about his birthday to be honest. I have had a lot to do in front of my Dad's funeral that's taken place tomorrow at 11.00 am.
He's interested in nature , animals and things like that, so a small book or something like that would perhaps be nice, but a nice birthday card will also be enough.
Don't put to much effort into it.
XOXO from me to you ALL