Thursday, March 09, 2006

What's Up?

Well, yesterday was a lousy know, one of those days when no matter what you did, it seemed to go wrong. So today is a new day and things are lookin' up!! I'm trying to finish up those placemats for my friends, and thought it was time that I posted a photo or two.
Here is how the fabric starts out, with the first application of dye. There's a plastic bag over the top of the fabric....don't mind that!

Isn't that funky? I love the colors so much that I have a hard time putting the wax and brown on top, but that's the way it goes! So, here they are AFTER the wax and dye:

I have quilted the placemats with a heavy, I think 20, wt of metallic Madera FS. It is really pretty stuff!

OK, my "break" is over, so I must get back to the binding on these suckers before I totally lose interest!!

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