Sunday, March 12, 2006

Yesterdays News.......

or would it be olds, since it was yesterday? You figure it out and let me know! Anyway, just as I was about to post to my blog, our ISP went down and it remained in that sorry state until just before I went to bed, so I didn't have a chance to tell you what a wonderful day Craig and Barker and I spent in Atlanta. The weather was unseasonably warm, with temps soaring into the high 70s and we took advantage of that. We first had our morning walk through Piedmont Park, and this time I remembered to bring along my camera. So, are you ready? Here we go:

When we leave our condo, one of our routes to the park takes us past the wonderful intersection of 8th and Piedmont. I call it wonderful because there are so many great eateries right there, practically at our doorstep! YUMMMM! My favorite is of course the one and only Nickiemoto's, where they have the most incredible they call it truly "Edible Art"! Next door to Nickiemoto's is the sumptuous Zocalo's, specializing in Mexican food and Margaritas that are hard to beat!!! As I've said before, Flying Biscuit is catty corner to Nickiemoto's, and then there is also Gilbert's, for fine, fine Mediterranean cuisine. It's difficult to diet in this neighborhood!!

Here we are in the park. Barker was busy on squirrel patrol, and Craig was busy watching after Barker, so I was snapping pics for YOU!

The lovely Lake Clara Meer.

What a great husband and father, to be taking not only the dog but also the baby out for a run in the park on a Saturday morning!! I'm impressed!

The wonderfully majestic high rises of Midtown, towering over the park.

Now, on our way back "home" we like to walk through the neighborhoods, preferably along 9th Street, because there are some really neat homes there, and there isn't much traffic. Here are some of the sites:

Yep, I'm a Techy at heart! What can I say!!!

The first tulips I've seen in a garden this spring....aren't they great!

In the early afternoon, we took a stroll up to the Botanical Gardens and then took in the Orchid Show. I'll close for today with one last shot:

Isn't she just outrageous? I love her!

OK, I'm off to work on some dyeing projects. Hope to share work with you tomorrow!

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