Friday, April 28, 2006

These boots are made for hikin'

And that's just what they'll do!

I have not the best feet in the world and I went off and left the better part of my hiking boots at home....what was I thinking???? Before I even realized that, we stopped at an outdoor center on our drive up to North Carolina and I purchased the hiking/walking/hangin' out in footwear of my dreams...these new Keens! Then I realized what I had left behind and also realized that I was destined to spend the weekend walking in the above footwear or not walking at there you have it! Suffice it to say that these little gems are the most comfortable walking/hiking/hangin' out in footwear I've ever owned!!! They come highly endorsed by moi!!!

1 comment:

Eva said...

Looks like shoes that have a lot of space for your toes. Just what I've need for right now. Got the middle toe one right foot operated two weeks ago :-(

Lovely view over the lake, and the flowers are so beautiful!

Got your package today!
Thank you :-) ;-) :-D