Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just one of those days

This has been one of those frustrating days when the more you try to accomplish the less you get done! It took me all morning to get a few little things accomplished for my Mom, and so I was relishing having the afternoon to "play".....NOT!! Craig and I switch off cooking dinner every other night, since he is now retired, and tonight was my night. I had planned a pre Cinco de Mayo dinner....well, let me put it another way: I had two glorious avocados that were ripe and begging to be made into Guacamole. I love making Guac...the chunkier the better! So, I took a bit of time to do that, and then I made a big batch of Marinara Sauce (yeah, I know that's Italian, not Mexican), and boiled up some yummy shrimp to go into the sauce. By then my afternoon was a bit gone. I did however, manage to get the two outer borders added to my "Starburst" quilt:

I tried the "autocorrect" on my photo fixer upper....don't try that! The colors don't look at all true, and the photo is much too bright. It's also a bit out of focus, since my design wall is in a wierd place in my sewing room....but at least you can get the idea! Now I just have to quilt the thing...that may be a while!

I also had a bit of time in my playing around with some Tinfix dyes on silk. With the advent of warmer weather, I'm enjoying dyeing much more...having the studio doors open, hearing the chirping birds and feeling the warm breezes! Hooray...summer is almost here!

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