Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sadness and A Heavy Heart

The morning was lovely: sunny, warm but not hot, and "Barker Baby" and I set out on our early morning jaunt through the neighborhood. We wanted to get done early to beat the heat, enjoy breakfast and then get half of the house cleaned before meeting my friend Gail for lunch. We were 2/3s finished when we spotted what we thought was a black piece of fabric or clothing in the gutter of the little side street next to a fairly heavily travelled road. The black moved and then a lovely little Black Lab puppy lifted her head. AWWWWWW! She was darling, but most afraid of Baker, my 70+ pound white Standard Poodle. As commanded, Barker sat down quietly while I introduced ourselves to the pup. She was just as darling as could be, but didn't move. Well, you guessed the rest of the story...she had been hit by a car and couldn't move. UGGGGGHHHHH! So Barker and I ran the 2+ miles home to get a vehicle in which to pick her up. Craig's only words to me as he left to prepare lunch for the homeless were, "Take her to the Humane Society, we don't need another animal". I got her home, gave her a bit of food and water (it has been very hot here of late and she was obviously dehydrated), and then called my Vet. Funny how she also told me to take her to the Humane Society! So, off we went. She was darling and the only time she even wimpered was when I tried to roll her onto her back so that I could inspect her tummy for cuts or abrasions....she had none. There was no blood, but she obviously had been hit. I spoke with the director of the "pound" and he said that they would keep her until Friday and then, if no one had claimed her, euthanize her. Sadness and a huge lump in my throat. Late this afternoon he called me back and said that she not only has a broken leg but most likely a broken hip and did I want to pay for the repairs (roughly $500)? I cannot. A heavy heart. So, unless someone claims this darling black baby by noon tommorrow, she will be euthanized. I am so very sad. How can people let their dogs run loose...especially little pups (she can't be more than 2 months old)....and how can someone hit a dog with a car and leave it there to die? I am so sad and so very angry!!!

The only bright spot in my day, was having lunch with my friend Gail. Afterwards she came back to the house and we played around painting a few pieces of cotton and silk. Here are the two that I kept:

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Gerrie said...

That is so sad. I agree with you. It is possible that someone just dropped her off someplace instead of taking her to the humane society. You were so kind to pick her up and take care of her.

Eva said...

Poor little puppy. So much cruelty there can be in this world. It makes me so angry and sad, that I can not talk about it :-(