Monday, May 01, 2006


C.G. Jung describes sunchronicity as "a fortuitous intermeshing of events". It may well remind you of the 60's term "serendipity". Well, I've been having a "synchronistic time" with an acquaintance in Midtown. First I fell hopelessly in love with her home, then it appeared on the Midtown tour of homes so I just had to go see it, she was there and we talked, then I learned through viewing her art work that she is also a quilter and shares a great love for the area in North Carolina where we spent the weekend and have been going for the past 21 years! As if all of that wasn't quite enough, we visited a new B&B near the one where we always stay, and one of this person's quilts was hanging in the great room! Here it is:

Isn't it gorgeous?!!!! Unfortunately the light on it doesn't do it justice, but I think you can get the picture. Do you have lots of synchronistic events occuring in your life right now? It almost gives me chill bumps!!!

I've had a great day of silk painting.... am finally getting the gutta right and am having a delightful time painting a wall hanging for a dear, dear friend of mine. After it gets steamed and pressed I'll share it with you. Now I need to go get back to work.

Have a synchronistic kind of day!!

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Gerrie said...

I love the luminoscity of that quilt! I'm always having what I call sereindipitous moments - where things come together for an aha moment!