Sunday, June 11, 2006

Breakfast of Champions

It's been a busy last few days with precious little time to sew, quilt, paint silk, dye silk, blog, etc. I'm just worn out, been with far too many folks, and need a little bit of down time...maybe tomorrow??? Anyway, it's a beautiful morning in the southland, but the afternoon promises to be another scorcher with temps in the mid 90s here in northeast Georgia. After reading Gerrie's blog and Deb R's, I'm participating in the "Woman Challenge" - Women and Girls On the Move Across the Nation and so am trying to walk at least 10,000 steps per day. That can be more of a challenge than I ever imagined. It's just about 9:00 AM and have logged 5,542 steps already. I try to take Barker out for a walk before breakfast, and that helps with the step count. We have two favorite walks and todays the shorter. The other walk takes another 15-20 minutes but also gives me a whopping 8,000 plus that's really livin'!!

So, here is my most recent "breakfast of champions"...of course not ALL of the above in one sitting, but you get the idea! I make a rather large batch of granola every couple of weeks and serve up 1/4 cup of it with a large dollop (I love that word, "dollop") of fat free yogurt (either French Vanilla or Plain), some fruit (preferrably blueberries but a banana will do in a pinch) and maybe a little bit of honey, if it's plain yogurt. Of course I have a huge glass of ice water...since the walk has parched me! It's very yummy and holds me until noon or after.

What is that???? You might just be asking yourself that very question. Well, it is one more of Niki's sculptures at the Atlanta Botanical Garden! Yep, sure is! Craig walked by it and just chuckled, telling me that no matter what the little sign said, he knew what Niki really meant it to be. I don't know. Niki named it "Obelisque Bleu Avec Fleurs"...sounds pretty classy for a phallic symbol!!!

Tomorrow I hope to have something quilty to show for myself...there are several in the works, but people just keep gettin' in my way!!!

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Gerrie said...

I just got another pedometer. I felt the other one I had was not tracking properly and I was right. I have been doing way over 10,000 steps most days!!