Sunday, June 04, 2006

A GREAT Weekend

I'm beginning to think that "weekend" isn't such a glorious term...afterall, for those who hold jobs M-F, S and S are not "ends" but periods of rejuvination, relaxation, partying, etc. You name it, Sat and Sun are it! Well, today and yesterday were just that for me and Craig, even though neither of us is what one might call "employed"! We spent the "weekend" at our Atlanta Midtown condo, and a glorious time we did have! Friday started out hot and humid, but the forecasted cold front blew through that evening as we were entering Turner Field (aka "The Ted") to watch the Braves battle against the Arizona Diamondbacks. After two hours of rain delay, that game was postponed until the following afternoon. So, we went "home" to the condo and did a bit of reading. Our internet (we "borrow" from one of our neighbors) was down, so I was forced into reading. Saturday morning was absolutely glorious! It was cool and clear, so we had a lovely walk through the Midtown "hood" with Barker before breakfast. We walked to the Piedmont Park Green Market and then on to Metrofresh for our lunch, and later met up with friends Jane and Sam for the aforementioned previously postponed ballgame. Our Braves lost but the afternoon was pretty and we had a lot of time to visit. Later we went to dinner in Little Five Points and to the play at the Horizon Theater...more about all of that later. This morning was another beauty and we had a lovely walk through Piedmont Park before breakfast. Afterwards we finally had a chance to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden's exhibit of "Niki in the Garden"....a fabulous display of the sculptures and mosaics of Niki de Saint Phalle. Here are just a few:

Here is the first "Nana" (the French term for "chicks" or "babes") that one sees as one enters the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Isn't she great?!!!

Craig is a butt man, so he spent a good bit of time viewing this gal at this angle!!!

Well, I have two maginificent photos of Niki's mosaic sculpture of Miles Davis, but blogger has decided not to let me post them, so we will continue on, hopefully, to Louis Armstrong:

NOT!!! I have spent about a half hour trying to download more photos, and am more than a bit perturbed because blogger refuses to cooperate!!! I will try again on another post....this is most disconcerting!!!

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