Thursday, June 29, 2006


I've been having the most fun!!!! Monday is the 2nd anniversary of some folks who are very special and dear to us, so I've been making them a card. This poppy is based on one of a series of garden photos that I took this spring. I am using the Chicago School of Fusing's method for a good deal of my sewing "work" these days, and I've gotta tell ya', it is soooo easy and fast!!!! I'm also trying to finish up the pieced fish for one of my commissioned "Somthin' Fishy" wallhangings....there again, the CSofF method has proved invaluable. Hopefully I'll have some photos of that piece soon!

Melody Johnson suggested that I use Picasa2 to upload my photos to my blog...I've been having a real problem in that area, in case you didn't know! So, today is my first attempt at Picasa, and it seems to have worked well. I'll have to take a peek at the published blog and see. One difference I am seeing right now is that I cannot upload anymore photos. Hmmmmm

OK, off to the fish wallhanging!!
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Anonymous said...

Very pretty poppy, real and unreal...happy anniversary to the kids (?)