Saturday, July 15, 2006

Eats n Drinks

We always like to check out the local supermarkets when we go traveling, so Costa Rica was no exception! Here we have the local rendition of the Cheesey Poofs.....ah, Cartman would be so proud!! I didn't try the above, but found that I could easily hold my own weight when it came to inhaling the salt and lemon flavored fried plantains...or were they bananas? Plantanos, Plaintains, I dunno!!! Anyway, I inhaled many a bag of those delights!
I hold rather fond memories of the day we stopped for a bit of cerveza por favor after touring the canals of Tortuguero. It was tough work identifying all of that flora and fauna! MMMMM: Imperial!!
And here we are in the courtyard lounge of the Hotel Colonial in Granada, Nicaragua sampling their Margaritas and Gin and Tonics. The Margarita was possibly the best I've ever had. YUMMMM
Dinner that night was at a fabulous local restaurant. The drink you see is from the fruit of a local palm. It was rather thick and, at first, quite sweet, but then you were suddenly aware of a spicey almost peppery taste around the inside of your lips. I really liked it....but then I'm also a fan of liver and Brussel sprouts!! Posted by Picasa

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