Wednesday, July 19, 2006

In Loving Memory

This afternoon I have lost a dear friend whom I have had the pleasure of knowing over the past 18 years. Our dear Sophie has left us and gone to hunt chipmunks, mice, voles and even a few birdies in a happier land where she will no longer hurt or suffer with shortness of breath. We called our wonderful Vet, Becky, last night and asked if she could stop by this afternoon to take a peak at Sophie. She just had not been acting herself and since we are going away for a few days, we didn't want to leave our housesitter with a sick kitty cat. We learned the worst when Becky told us that poor Sophie had lung cancer. Her entire left lung was collapsed and so her right side was having to do all of the wonder she was huffing and puffing! We mercifully let her go, sending her on her way at 1:17 PM. She was in my arms and slipped away very peacefully.

Kristin and I brought Sophie home from the breeders in September of 1989. She had been born on my birthday, so she and I were soul mates!!! I had always wanted a Burmese kitty cat....and it was love at first sight!

Here she is with her big brother Sparta. She was a gorgeous kitty, with the softest coat!

And here she is on Christmas morning 1989 with Kristin, her most favorite family member. She always slept with Kristin....... under the covers and between her legs! When Kristin went off to Georgia Tech in the Fall of 1997, Sophie, Craig and I had some serious sleeping issues!! Sophie eventually went off to Atlanta to live with Kristin, but then decided she liked being a country kitty, and so had spent the last 3 years at home with us.

Thanks for the memories, Soph!

We will miss you!

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Gerrie said...

If this wasn't so sad, it would be funny. When are you switching to typepad?