Friday, July 14, 2006


We spent our first two days of our trip in the small community of Tortuguero, which is on the Caribbean coast and has many rivers and canals around it. The only way to get there is either by boat or by small airplane. Here is our group loading our fine little water craft for the one hour journey to Tortuguero. We all felt like we were on one of Disney's jungle cruises!

This is a view of the river and the small bridge we had to cross beneath when we first got on board. The river was very high, as this is the rainy season in Costa Rica.

I took this photo at the boat dock of our home away from home, the Laguna Lodge. If you look closely you can see the long, narrow boat that the natives use to zip around the canals. The foliage was so lush...just imagine the birds calling and the monkeys howling!

Speaking of which, here's one of our Howler Monkeys now! Isn't he great?!!!

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