Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Cherub in the Fam

This is baby Iker (pronounced "eeecare", I think), born to my nephew Jacinto and his beautiful wife Alejandra last Saturday. He tipped the scales at 6 pounds 4 ounces, and was eagerly welcomed by his big brother Jacinto (Jabo) and his big sis Renata. As you can see, he has wonderfully blond hair...and I'm sure his eyes are that lovely "newborn blue". Craig and I spent his birthday weekend in Fishers, Indiana, a mushrooming but lovely suburb of Indianapolis where I took a brain-stretching workshop with Melody Johnson. Craig did whatever it is that husbands do while their wives are creating: he explored the area, shopped, brought Starbucks back for several of us, drove a few of us to meals, read a book, and relaxed. There were thirteen ladies in this workshop and we all learned a tremendous amount, with many much more productive than I...I'm was saving my creativity for home, where I work best. But don't worry, I was taking it all in! Melody is incredibly creative, and it was interesting to learn her techniques and theories. I will put them all to good use.

I also had the opportunity to finally meet and spend time with my good cyber buddy Diane. We have "known" eachother for about five years and have spoken many times on the phone, so it was just being together in person that was new to us. I was not disappointed....and I don't think I scared her away either. We are hoping to do more workshop/retreats together, but hopefully not waiting another ten years! Blogger is once again being a picutre posting poop, so I will end this post and begin anew, with photos!

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Gerrie said...

Were you camera shy? Mel has no pics of you!! I want to see your work!!