Monday, September 25, 2006

Middle Bird's Big Bird

First off, I want to thank everyone who responded to my challenge to choose a name for my bird quilt. Yesterday afternoon I was putting the binding on it and the name I had been searching for, suddenly popped into my head: "Middle Bird's Big Bird". I know that sounds really silly to you, but I'll try to explain! When we were first married we lived in the same town in California as C's brother and sister-in-law, Chris and Molly. Moll (who I refer to as "Bubbles", but that's another story for yet another day!) had recently had her first baby and during her pregnancy, her husband had nicknamed her Big Bird (Sesame Street was all the rage back then). Well of course baby Alice was then called "Little Bird" for short, and when we came on the scene, I was rather affectionately (HA!) tagged "Middle Bird". So, there's the name! I'll have to admit that I may add "Papegoja" in parentheses on the label, because I love that one too!

I have been trying for quite some time to upload more photos of this wallhanging, but you know the familiar blogger blues tune! It just won't do!!!

Anyway, I'll try again in a while on another blog! This wallhanging is going to my nephew Jacinto and his wife Alejandra's new baby boy, Iker. I may have told you before that Ale is a terrific artist who's work I admire very much. I hope that they will enjoy my artistic endeavor

As I have been writing, I have felt like I was in an aviary. I can easily view our nesting bluebirds (don't they know it's late September??) feeding their young in one of our bluebird boxes, and there are many Ruby Throated Hummers slurping up the nectar at the hanging feeder by the desk window. Soon they all will be heading south, and I shall miss them!

It's a beautiful day here: sunny, dry and cool! YIPPEEEE! I am about to get out to the studio and do some sunprinting and dyeing......something about making hay while the sun shines??

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Gerrie said...

What a nice gift. It will surely be appreciated. Nesting bluebirds? Is that what global warming has come to?