Thursday, October 26, 2006

Armed and Dangerous

I am very excited and looking forward to some fun in the studio this afternoon! I found the two batik tjaps at Mingei World in Decatur on Sunday afernoon. You can order them online too if you wish. Helene Davis had one of the electric tjantings in our class at Campbell and was kind enough to let all of us borrow it. I fell in love with how easily it worked, so I ordered one as soon as I got home and it arrived today. You can have one of your very own by going here. And, I found the lovely potato masher when I was out running some errands. You're on your own for that one!

Speaking of the mail, this also arrived today. I had ordered it so long ago, that I had totally forgotten about it. You can have one of your very own by going to If you want to read a great political rant, please mosey on over to my friend Gerrie's blog.

Speaking of Gerrie, she had asked to see some of my "work" from Campbell, so I'll share just a couple with you. This poor, pathetic shirt has been my dyeing work shirt for a couple of years now. In the winter, my studio tends to be a bit on the chilly side, so I usually wear this. It began its life in my home as a long-sleeved white GAP t-shirt. I bought it specifically to wear when dyeing and even brought it to Campbell Folk School a couple of winters ago and asked my fellow surface design classmates to use it as a drip cloth or for drying their dyed hands. So, it looked pretty messy. After seeing Rayna's wonderful shirts (see post below) in class last week, I decided to follow her lead and batik this baby. It came out pretty well, and looks a whole lot better with the turtles and periwinkle background. So beware, family and friends who read this, there may be batiked clothing items in your Christmas packages this year!!!

Well, I had hoped that blogger would allow me to insert a few more photos, but alas he is up to his old tricks again. I am absolutely positive that blogger is a male AND I am almost convinced that he is also a REPUBLICAN! What do you bet????

OK, off to follow my batiking muse!


Gerrie said...

Love that shirt and I love the clean look of your new blogspot blog. Never liked the black background.

Gabrielle said...

You make me proud to be Indonesian :)