Sunday, November 05, 2006

An Arty Weekend

Last evening was the opening reception of our church's Festival of the Arts. Several of us had spent untold hours cleaning, setting up, hanging, printing signs, etc. It was indeed a labor of love, and I am so pleased and proud to be part of this wonderful event. Last night's opening was lovely, with musicians playing in the background, wine and fabulous hors d'oeuvres served, and a huge turnout. I made some big sales, and folks are placing many orders for scarves, jackets, t-shirts, etc for Christmas. I'm going to be one busy (but very happy) lady for the next few weeks!! VERY BIG GRIN!! And you know what, it's not the money, it's the love of fooling with the dyes, the wax, the fabric, and seeing what comes out!! I just love it!!! Here are a few photos:

The large amaryllis on the table in the foreground is actually sculpted copper done by a church member and local artist. She does magnificent work. The blue piece over the sofa was done by our friend Rob. I wish I had a closeup of it, because it is fantastic...and really looks like fabric!

Here are our friends Nina and Rosemary discussing art no doubt....what else? The piece right behind Rosemary (she is in the vest) is her fabulous creation. She is well known in the area for her very bright florals, although she does many other magnificent pieces.

A folk art piece by Durwood Pepper, whose day job is serving as the meat man at our local Publix supermarket.

Another wall of art, mostly by Rachel Landers, who is a very young but up and coming artist in the community. The large painting in the middle is of Rachel's Mom, Judith. I spent a good bit of time socializing during the opening, so most of these pics were snapped "after hours". C was chomping at the bit to go home because it was almost past his bedtime, but I just kept snapping. The funniest thing that happened to me last night was when two of my church friends were fighting over one of my scarves!! How good is that? Like Brer Rabbit said, "Don't throw me in that briar patch."!!!!!

I think my photo limit on blogger is up for now, so I'll try to post more later. The Art Festival continues this evening with Choral Evensong at 7:00. The gallery is open all day today and I will be manning the checkout this afternoon. What fun!!!

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