Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day Continued

Heather and Bobbie, with Bobbie's fabulous Christmas Trifle in the foreground:
Heather, Kristin, Dave and Lorry:
Dave and Kristin (or Huey and Louis??):
One view of the table with John's beautiful flower arrangements:
Keith and Scott are in the next photo. Keith is married to Molly and they have two great kids Katie and Patrick. Keith is another very stylish dresser and we often enjoy seeing him perform in the local theater productions. Scott is married to Heather....and I think I've said enough about him in my previous post to get me into trouble!!

Hope you've enjoyed these pics as much as I've enjoyed taking them and sharing a bit of our family customs with you. As Ronnie Milsap said, "I wouldn't have missed it for the world"!!

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Gerrie said...

What a lovely tradition. But, I think I would still be overwhelmed on the day after Christmas. I must be getting too old to do all this cooking and entertaining - LOL! I am going to move closer to you and come to your party!! There is a good idea. Or better yet, you move here.