Monday, December 18, 2006

The Homefront

Yesterday our church dedicated our third Habitat for Humanity house: three in three years!

C works hard on these homes, and enjoys being out there with his buddies, doing something constructive, so to speak. So, most weekdays you will find him either cooking for and feeding the homeless or building a habitat house. I am very proud of my man!!!

This is the latest home:

Here is Doug, our rector, during the dedication service, with Deanne the homeowner and her children.

Warrick Dunn, an Atlanta Falcons player, has been nice enough to come in and fully furnish the last two of our homes, both of which were completed just before Christmas. He even stocks the kitchen cabinets with food, and the bathrooms with toiletries!

Speaking of homes, on Saturday, we walked over to check out the new home for Trader Joes. I am so disappointed in their slow progress. However, two others have just opened in Atlanta, so the Midtown location can't be too far behind....can it???? As you can see, it looks pretty much the same as it did the last time I posted a photo of it.

Almost next door to our soon-to-be Trader Joes is MetroFresh, our favorite soup/salad/sandwich joint. Since it was Saturday, we picked up the sale soups and then walked on back to the condo. I thought you'd appreciate MetroFresh's lovely menu board :

Sorry it's not a bigger photo, but you get the general idea. Oh how I love that place!!!

And here is their wonderfully colorful outdoor dining patio furniture....can you believe it's December and we are still enjoying lunches outside???
On our way home to Gainesville, we drive north on West Peachtree Street and pass by one of my all-time favorite buildings. I don't know whose home this is, but it reminds me of shimmering waterfalls.

And for my parting shot for the day, I furnish you with "Mutt and Jeff"! I took this pic of Barker and our friend Walter's Reggie at the Habitat House dedication yesterday. I think Reggie tips the scales at 6 pounds while Barker weighs in at 76!!! They got along beautifully, although here they look a bit unsure of eachother!!


Gerrie said...

Oh, boo hoo! It looks so nice 'n' warm 'n' sunny there. I am having a real winter holiday this year.

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing to do. Build houses for these people.
Does the church pay for all the material? Looks like a nice little house =)
What kind of things does Trader Joe sell?
At the pictures, it looks like you have rather warm weather in Georgia. Here in the south of Sweden we have had a couple of days with a bit cooler weather, but now the temperature is rising again. Right now at 8:10 pm we have +7,2°C, (45 F).

XO Eva

Judy said...

Hi Eva...
to answer your questions: Habitat for Humanity supplies the land, and our church pays for the building materials and furnishes the volunteers who build the house.
Trader Joes is a trendy supermarket of sorts, with all of its own brands. I think it began on the West Coast and is slowly moving across the country.
Our weather has cooled a bit and we are now forecasted to get rain.