Saturday, January 27, 2007

Here We Are...Where Are YOU????

We're back in Midtown (Atlanta) enjoying a weekend at our condo. It's great for me to be back. While I was off having a fabulous time at John C. Campbell Folk School, C managed two (count 'em TWO) trips to our hostility here, I'm thinkin'!!! Yesterday (Friday) our Silk Painters of Atlanta group met at the Chastain Art Center (photos will follow in a day or two, I hope!) and then C and I just sort of veged for the rest of the evening, with dinner out at Little Azios with friends. Today, we had a rather leisurely morning, sleeping in (till 8???) and then did the most decadent thing: bought a half dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme! OMG!!!! After I finally waddled away from the table, we walked over to MetroFresh for our HEALTHY soup lunch. YUMMMMM
This afternoon we started our city explorations at Creative Spirit Gallery in Decatur. A great place to shop for local artists' works. Our next stop:


If you haven't been there and you live in the area or are planning a visit, please do yourself a huge favor and GO!!! We've been avid fans for years and years (before they moved to their new how long is that?). We bought all manner of fresh veggies, meat and cheese: yummy parsnips, Brussels sprouts, Rio Red grapefruit, some very stinky but delish name it, they carry it FRESH!!

But here's the thing, they DON'T ALLOW PHOTOS INSIDE:

so sad, too bad!

You'll just have to go and see for yourself!

I made a quick stop at Gail K's fabrics on Cheshire Bridge...sorry forgot to snap a pic!....and then here we were:

So, the burning question is, which flic did we take in? We had planned to see "The Queen", but when C saw that "The Last King of Scotland" was still running, he thought that perhaps he'd have to change his mind. However, I prevailed, and "The Queen" it was! Hellen Mirren and Michael Sheen are fabulous. I loved every minute of it...if you haven't already seen it, GO NOW!!!

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Maria said...

Hmm, saw the Queen on the flight back and thought it was just ok. I'm with Craig, would have liked to have seen The Last King of Scotland as well =)