Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Dave

Today is our son-in-law Dave's 30th birthday. He has been a most wonderful addition to our family and I am so very thankful that he and Kristin found eachother. I cannot think of anyone better suited to her personality, or a more helpful, loving and understanding mate, for that matter. She is one very lucky young lady. Hope your day is a happy one, Dave.

So here I sit enjoying this:

My Laurel Burch mug is about as old as the hills. I am a real packrat and happened to find this gem in my pantry a couple of months ago. I don't know if I bought it or some thoughtful soul gave it to me, but I do know that I also have the lovely red cat earrings to match. Now that LB has found her niche in the quilting arena, I feel very much in vogue! Ha!!

Workday dawned rather chilly here...about 28 when we finally dragged ourselves out of bed and took Barker for his morning constitutional. I turned the heat on in the studio, had some breakfast and then headed out to work. I'm dyeing a series of silks and will show you the results when they are all done. I'm also preparing some charmeuse for a wall hanging for my friend Bobbie....what fun!!!

Yesterday I batiked this:

It is one of Dharma's rayon sarongs. I am teaching a soy wax batiking class at Intown Quilters in early April and this will be one of the shop models. I'm going to do another one in silk tomorrow. I like the way these colors came out...will make a great sarong, don't you agree! Kristin and Dave went on a cruise over the holidays, and she told me that sarongs were everywhere, as bathing suit coverups, skirts and dresses. I had batiked her one last Spring when I was just learning from Rayna, and Kristin took it along and said she wore it constantly. Think about it, it's lightweight, easy to pack and oh so versatile.

Here are two more of the Sowz Earz - almost completed. I ran out of the silk cording for the shoulder straps, so have to wait 'till I go back to Atlanta to get some more before I can put the finishing touches on them. Bummer, huh?

So that's it for today........hope yours has been as nice as mine!


Eva Hagbjärn said...

I agree completely with you regarding to the colors of the sarong to be. Just love the colors!

Hugs from Sweden to your handsome son-in-law, AGAIN ;-))))

Gerrie said...

We feel the same way about our SIL!

I can't wait to take Rayna's class so that I can do the batik stuff - yummm!