Friday, February 16, 2007

Red Roving, Red Roving

Actually this is called "flame" but it is soy silk roving and it arrived in the mail today from Joggles. WooHoo!!! I can hardly wait until tomorrow when I get to play with it!! Life is definitely good!!I am slowly but surely emerging from the deep, dark, depths of my cold and feel about 100% better. My nose is still stuffy but I don't feel like someone has injected my head with thick wads of soy silk roving!!! While I was miserable, I did some mindless paper pieceing (I'll show you a pic in a few days when the top is put together, but I'm waiting for more fabric to arrive..."measure twice, cut once" my Mama used to say, but whoever listened to her????) and was entertained by Mary Higgins Clark's "Remember Me". Since it takes place in Chatham on Cape Cod, the town where much of my family has lived for over 50 years, I found it very interesting. I finished the last cd at almost exactly the same time that my fabric ran out....timing is everything, so they say!

C and I watched a very interesting documentary the other night, and it has really stuck with me. The title is My Architect: A Son's Journey, and it is about Louis Kahn. Some of you, especially anyone who has lived in the Philadelphia area, may recognize his name and recall some of the buildings he designed. (Diane, I'll be you are familiar with him.) The documentary is about Nathanial Kahn's search for information about his father and his life. Kahn had three families at the same time, and none really knew about the others. It wasn't until his death that all three families were together at his funeral, but only his legal wife and their one daughter were listed in the obituary. Fascinating story.

OK, the heat is on in the studio so I'm off to do a bit of dyeing before it is too late! Enjoy your day!!


Pixie said...

I've seen that movie, wasn't it good? It changed the way I looked at buildings for months afterwards.

Karoda said...

I'll place that on my netflix list. Have fun with the silk roving.

Rayna said...

Judy, you are just too multi-talented for me. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

My Architect, which we saw in the movie theatre, was one of the most moving and fascinating films I have ever seen. I was ready to watch it a second time when it was over.

Gerrie said...

Ooh! Red silk roving. Yummilicious. I have to seach netflix for that movie.

I am in Santa Rosa, my old home where it is brilliantly sunny and in the high 70's. Gorgeous. Spent the day with my old friends.