Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I was sewing away and C came out to my little room and announced that we had internet, so I dropped everything and came in to do a proper blog....well, at least what I call a proper blog!

Yesterday I participated in This Day in the Life, which was a type of journaling done by women of all walks of life. Deb had talked about it in her blog, and I had signed up to participate months ago. Yesterday was the day! YIKES!!!

I decided to snap a few pics as I went along. I started my morning by squeezing some grapefruit juice for me and C:

After that, I took Barker for our 3-mile walk and along the way we admired a few flowering trees. This one is in our next door neighbor's yard. It is, be still my heart, my all time favorite Spring bloomer, the Red Bud, but this is a most special Red Bud, Forest Pansy. In the summer, its leaves are a very deep green with an almost burgundy backside. I love this tree!!

Here's a gorgeous flowering cherry, in all of its glory:

After my rather mundane "twigs and berries" breakfast, I settled in to some innovative quilting. I often read Nellie Durand's blog and am quite interested in the method of quilting that she has described. I'm not sure if I'm doing it exactly the same way as Nellie, but here is how I did it yesterday. I was wanting an overall turquoisey effect, so I snipped and tore and just used bits of turquoise and other blue fabrics that I had in my "bits bucket". I placed them randomly on top of a piece of batting, threw in some cast off threads and ribbons, covered it all with a piece of blue tulle that I had discovered at the evil WM last week, pinned it all together rather sloppily, and then started fee-motion quilting.

There were two fabric names that I found in the selvege. One said "sweet" (it was leftover from a baby quilt) and the other said "fusion", so the title of this piece will be "Sweet Fusion".

Nellie produced a very lovely and huge piece that really looked like a Monet and she quilted the word "Monet" all over the piece. Well, I decided to quilt mine as "Sweet Fusion". Do you know how hard it is to keep writing sweet fusion on a sandwich that is trying to come apart?!! All in all it was a fine experience, and I love the way the piece turned out. I have more plans for this piece, so this isn't the end of it quite yet. Stay tuned for more!!

Well, I am giddy with having internet, so now I need to go catch up on what all of my blogging buddies have been up to these past few days!!!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely trees, pity though we not are able to smell them in our computers!
I like your "Sweet Fusion". It's the colors that appeal to my sense=)

Felicia said...

I've got those same trees blooming around here and they're so beautiful. I didn't know the name of the purple one so I learned something today. Thanks!

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Judy, it's a pleasure to get to begin your day with you. I'm honored to have inspired you to play with your orts ... and I love your results. Had you used spray adhesive at various steps to keep all the layers together? I spray between the backing and the batting, and then between the batting and background fabric (sometimes I build on a whole piece, others just on the batting), and finally on the tulle. The adhesive and pins hold it together really well. I stitch around the outside edges and then several times across the body of the piece and can remove all the pins and really go to town on the quilting. I'm pleased that you plan to further explore this concept.

Gerrie said...

I did the diary day, too. It kept me working all day. Didn't want to be a slacker!! Can I tell you how annoying that d--- graphic is on your previous post? Yikes.

I've missed you - glad you are connected again. How is your dh doingz? Hope he is on the mend.