Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Carolina

It is my sister-in-law Carol's birthday today and I so I'm here to send her very best wishes for a happy day and year. When I married into C's family, I ended up with two very dear sisters-in-law, and I feel most fortunate! I know of some situations where that is not the case. Anywho, Happy Birthday Carol. I'd run into the other room and scan some photos of you to add here, but our internet connection has been shakey at best lately, so I feel like I'm living on borrowed time just posting this much!

Without a lot of internet time, I've been playing around with some more silk fusion. Here is a piece that I completed yesterday and put in the local art league show:

The name of it is "Daddy's Jacket", because the silk fusion reminds me so much of a sports coat that my Dad bought years and years ago. Members of my silk fusion class gave me some hints and coaxed me along with it, so all of the ideas are not my own. Thanks Ladies! There are a lot of strips of yarn couched down to help give it some texture, pluse a bunch of dried flowers that are somewhat of a bouttoniere. I also used a piece of the new Jacquard silk organza to scan a photo of Daddy, and then attached it sort of like an id badge. There are two funky buttons that I found in my "old" button jar, and a sort of string tie at his neck. Daddy died of lung cancer and his first symptoms were the loss of his voice, as the tumor was pressing on his larynx..the bow makes me feel better. So, that's that.

Here's another piece of silk fusion inclusion that I made the other afternoon. I added some dried rose petals from my Valentine's bouquet and also some dried money plant seed pods from last year's blooms. There are also a ton of snippets of sulky sliver and holo shimmer in there (I throw nothing away these days!!) I like this piece a lot and have some great plans for it...and I will cut it up!!!

Here's my latest Sowz Earz bag, called "The Becky" after my friend in Decatur. I'm hoping to take it to her this weekend. It is bigger than the original Sowz Earz and has an inner cell phone pocket and magnetic closure at the top. Gerrie, the lining is wild and crazy...wish you could see it!

And now for the socks!!! And you thought I was a slacker in the knitting department, didn't you?!!! I finished this one today, with the help of my faithful teacher, the lovely Angie. I learned how to do the Kirchner stitch (is that right?) and have sewed up the toe, so to speak! YIPPEE. So, now I get to start it's sister sock!

In the meantime, I started this guy the other week:

I've now started the heel on out toe, here I come!!! Isn't that yarn great!

So, that's it for today. I'm off to work on that lovely wall hanging that you all voted on the other day. By the way, thank you so much for all of the input! You can read the comments and sort of get a feel for the results, but I did receive a few private email votes, just to keep you hanging here. Yes Gerrie, it was sort of like a children's game, or a trip to the eye Dr's! LOL

Oh, and Carol, I think you can post comments under Anonymous, and not have to use a google sign in name. Try it and see if it'll work for you. Happy Birthday!!! :-)


Vicki W said...

Wow Judy - you have been very busy! I love the final version of Daddy's Jacket. You must be really pleased with it! The new fusion sheet is awesome! It's nice to see a pastel sheet - I think we usually think of bright and dark colors. This one is very pretty. And you knit too - is there anything you don't do?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Judy, as your anonymous sister-in-law I want to thank you for remembering my birthday and for saying such nice things about me. I had a great day WORKING, but today is Friday, and we're going to celebrate by going to a Julio Iglesias concert. Keep up the good work with all your quilting/silk fusioning/knitting.

Gerrie said...

OK! I am still feeling like a slacker! Better get to work so that I can catch up with you.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Well, you are fortunate to have two dear sisters-in-law. I, unfortunately, belong to them who doesn’t.
My sister-in-law and her pointed oldest daughter – no names, have never liked me. That they showed me, as late as yesterday. But so what, I can live without them!
Anyhow, I love your “Daddy’s Jacket”, it’s so creative. YOU are so creative! ;-)
Which I had a sister-in law like you instead of the envious and nasty one that I have :p
Eager to see the result of your wall hanging