Sunday, March 18, 2007

Super Sunday

There is a small Atlanta Midtown paper known as "The Sunday Paper" and we love to read it. This week we found the following article:

The article lists a few of the writer's recommendations for purchases at TJs, but nothing like my friend Gerrie's illustrated list. What a treat that was! The article ends by saying that they are still unsure of the opening date, but our friend Mitchel from MetroFresh assured us that it would be next weekend! I am so ready, and I will have Gerrie's list in hand on my first visit!!!

It was such a lovely day that we ended up taking three long walks with Barker. We were in Piedmont Park at around noon time. Here's the first really pretty dogwood I've seen this Spring, and behind it is my all-time favorite Red Bud - be still my heart!!

I hope you will be able to spot the hawk in this tree. He was enormous and not very pleased at a nearby squirrel who was scolding him.

After lunch we hopped in the car and headed north on Peachtree Street to the Cathedral of St. Phillip. Here it is:

Our organist at Grace Church in Gainesville, David Burton-Brown, was giving an organ recital at 3:15 and then our parish choir was singing Evensong at 4:00. It was a wonderful afternoon with much fine music in a marvelous setting.

Outside the Cathedral, the cherry trees were putting on a show of their own.

We met up with our friends Troy and John after the service and headed to the Colonnade for dinner. This is an old-timey restaurant that is still one of Atlanta's favorites. John and Troy love it there, as do we, and we hadn't been for years. We enjoyed lots of laughs and some great food. It was packed when we went in and there were oodles of folks waiting to be seated when we left.

I had the broiled flounder stuffed with "Krabmeat", fried okra and creamed corn. It was delightful! YUMMMMM

We came home and took Barker for yet another walk....two out of three of us were waddling this time, wonder who!



Gerrie said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday in the city. I always get a vicarious thrill from your photos.

SeamRippstress said...

Breathtaking photos! Red Buds are my absolute favorite budding tree too!