Saturday, April 07, 2007

Calimari & Hot Cross Buns

C and I have taken on the grave responsibility of trying the Calimari at as many restaurants in Atlanta as possible. While we had long felt sure that Little Azio's had the corner market on this delicacy, we may be changing our collective opinion in favor of that served up at Murphy's in Virginia Highlands:

They had two dipping sauces for the little squid: the traditional marinara and then a yummy sweet and sour Granny Smith/red peppercorn delight. C went on to enjoy their "Cracklin Pork Shank" (which he knew and loved at Sweinhauxen in Mainz, Germany - sorry if I've butchered that spelling!) and I ventured out and had the chef's special fresh bay scallops over a bed of fresh veggies. They were both delish and I know we will be returning to Murphy's often!

Yesterday morning we met up with Kristin for breakfast at the Great Harvest Bread Company at the intersection of Briarcliff and LaVista. It being Passover/Easter week, they were featuring Hot Cross Buns and darling Bunny Bread:

C & K opted for the Hot Cross Buns, while I enjoyed a delicious scone. Then she and I were off for a day of girls' shopping and lunch. We had a great, great time. She was in need of some business suits for work plus a nice dress for a Black Tie wedding next weekend. I was along as a consultant, and truly was not in the buying mood, if you can imagine that!! We accomplished her goals, picking up three great suits and a very lovely little black dress and enjoyed a wonderful little lunch....sorry, no photos. It was a bit on the chilly side, but warm enough if you were in the sun. The sky was a lovely deep blue. This morning it is barely in the 30s with a brisk wind out of the northwest, but the sky is as blue as ever and the azalea and Dogwood blossoms are still brilliant. Ah Spring!!!!



Gerrie said...

The best calimari I have had so far was at the Fig Cafe in Glen Ellen, CA. It is served with a killer Aioli sauce.

Pixie said...

I'll take you out for 'Kalamar" at a turkish restaurant if you'll take me shopping. I need a beautiful suit for work, and something warm to wear, and some boots, because it's got very autumnal all of a sudden.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Peace and Happy Easter to you too!

Sounds like you and Kristin had a lovely day together.
I have had a nice Easter Saturday together with one of my daughters too, Maria.
Anna, Ronnie and Agnes are visiting Ronnie's parents in Avesta, Dalarna :-(

When I did your friend Bobbi's "What's In a Name" it didn't came out as fun as your names.
It's so "Swedish"! Not fun at all :-/
1. Eva Hagbjärn
2. Evaizzle
3. Blue Kitten
4. Christina Svenstadsvägen
5. Hagevcon
6. Green Water
7. Vga (?)
8. Olga Carl
9. Black Bobbi
10. Rosett Lingvägen
Bobbi and Rosett were two
small shetland ponies
Lots Of Love

Rayna said...

Happy Calimari to you. Sounds like the ideal holiday dinner! Marty's favorite - but sweet sauce on it???
Never! Not in Soprano-land. HOT sauce!

Felicia said...

Looks delicious! Happy Easter. :)