Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sweet Revenge!

Yesterday afternoon I was sewing away when C called to me from the patio. It seems that our resident Great Blue Heron (whom we fondly refer to as Big Blue) had caught a snake and was in the process of preparing her midafternoon snack. I grabbed my camera and began snapping pics as quickly as I could. This is without the telephoto, mind you:

She had snatched up the snake and was literally swinging it around and snapping it in the air. I should have taken a video!

Quite amazing, isn't it?

Hope that snakes don't make you cringe like they do me!

Big Blue has finally killed the snake and is now putting it to rest in her tummy:

And just in case you were wondering how old Barker is doing since his Copperhead bites (yes, that darned snake got him twice that fateful day!), here's a photo of his recovery:

I wasn't real pleased with our mobile Vet's lack of concern and attentiveness in his treatment and management, so Barker and I took a trip up to see our old (as in former, she's not old!!) and much-loved Vet. She said that Barker should have had an IV infusion of steroids immediately after the snake bite, but she thought his skin was still going to heal fairly well. After cleaning up the wound, she put him on another round of antibiotics and also some steroid cream for his lesion. As you can see, much of the hair on his muzzle sloughed off, and he had a rather large scab. With many daily applications of the cream, the lesion has healed quite nicely. Barker went to the groomer on Thursday and she says she thinks his hair will grow back in nicely. It looks to be doing just that, and I am pleased. In the big scheme of things, his hair is not too terribly important. He is a wonderful doggie and I am so glad that he is alive and well! Thanks again for all of your caring comments!



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Hope it was "Barker's" snake the bird was eating.
Ugh, eat snakes! I'm glad that I don't have to do that to survive =)

Gerrie said...

That big blue is gorgeous, even eating a snake. I am so glad our Barker boy is getting better. He is so handsome, it must have been a blow to his ego to have that boo boo on his face!

Felicia said...

Good riddance snake! I'm so glad your doggy is doing better :)