Saturday, June 30, 2007


Gerrie's daughter Lisa (sorry ladies, but your hyperlinks aren't working with my blogger tonight! Gerrie's blog address is: and Lisa's blog address is: is a featured artist in the latest issue of adorn magazine. I love the way she altered the purse pattern by using log cabin blocks. You need to check it out!!! I got to thumbing through the rest of the magazine and found an article on fabric stamping that got my mind wandering. I bought some fruit at the grocery store and started playing around with it this afternoon. Here are a few pics of my finished work:

I loved doing it! Felt like I was back in kindegarden again. The more I mixed my fabric paints, the more fun it was. I also tried a cucumber and a yellow squash, but they didn't do nearly as well as the citrus. I also found that the citrus responded better if cut and left to sit for an hour or so before printing.

While I was playing away in my studio, poor C and two of his buddies were replacing the lights and fencing around our pool patio. (I say "poor" because it was so hot and humid today! Even when Barker and I walked on the golf course at 6:30 this morning it was 75 and the humidity must have been at least 70%. It's good weather for dyeing silk thoough, isn't it!!)

I know I posted this pic the other day, but take a good look at this old fence:

It's history, folks!!! Yippee!!! The new one isn't fully installed as yet, but when it is, y'all will be some of the first to see it!



Gerrie said...

Try artichokes! Cut in half, of course. Lisa is here. I'll share your post about her tomorrow. She has crashed for then evening and so should I!!

joyce said...

I love the effect of the citrus stamps. Something to try if I don't use them all up for my gin and tonic. Lol.

Vicki W said...

The citrus stamped fabric is awesome! Love the colors too.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I like your smart citrus print. Looks very refreshing!
Loking forward to see your new fens.
It would have been fun to see the men in action, or perhaps they can't (or won't) stick on your memory card?
The Hydrangea, we call them Hortensia, is also flowering here in Sweden right now. I don't have any my self but I've seen them in gardens round about here ;-)

XO Eva