Monday, August 13, 2007


I think I've just invented a new word: reblog. Have you heard it before? If so, speak up, or I'll think I'm a very inventive soul!

In an effort to fix my faux pas of last evening and keep you up to speed on our vacation at the very same time, I'm reloading the pics from the post that went to Martha's blog site last night. Now how did that happen???

Here's the favorite mode of transportation, with, coincidentally, some of my most favorite people on board:

Ben, Ann-Marie, Heather, Teresa and Catherine

This is a better sunset photo of Kristin and Dave during our Bridge Break.

This is the Rockywold-Deephaven Regatta, held every Friday during the summer camp season. It was a very calm afternoon, which meant for a long, slow race. Dunno who won, do you???

Pictured above is the very lovely and oh-so-sweet Teresa in the most adorable bathing suit of the season!!! She's a great swimmer too!!

And here's Teresa with her Mom, Ann-Marie, and her big brother Ben. They were just the best-ever houseguests! (and did you know that Ben is writing a book, actually, a series????)

And here's a shot of the giant Peach along I-85 in Gaffney, SC. It sort of reminds me of something else, but I'll let you figure that one out for yourself!

Ah yes, we were almost home! WooHoo!!!

Now the above are two leaves that I rescued from mud and dirt near our cabin at Squam. I should have spent my week harvesting these guys, as there were plenty and I know that I pay a ton when I order them online! They looked so delicate and so gorgeous. I want to make some similar using the washaway Solvy. Aren't these just knockout???

And last but not least, yours truly and the love of her life, taken Saturday morning (C was down to the dregs of his clean clothes - notice how he's really stylin') at just about 8:00 AM. Isn't that a wonderful view of Squam!!!

OK, that's it for now. I'm going to head on over to Martha's blog and see if I can't erase my last night's entry before she finds it.......shhhhhhh, don't tell her!!!



Gerrie said...

Ha! What a riot. I see you are still on Martha's blog. This is a new one to me!! I am still trying to get my act together after getting home, bit it is good to be here.

joyce said...

Looks like a really fun place to spend some down time. Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

Deb said...

When we first moved to Atlanta the Peach at Gaffney was very pale and in need of paint. Just like in your picture as you approach from the north you cannot see the leaf at all. We all gazed at it speechless and left it to my youngest son, nine at the time, to say it out loud. "OMIGOD. We've moved to the land of Giant Butts!".