Saturday, September 15, 2007

The View from here

...or, what I'm looking at these days, or perhaps, what is on my nightstand:

The New Yorker. This cartoon was in a recent issue and gave both of us a chuckle, since Barker is a great lover of tummy rubs:

This was the view from my sewing machine at 7:30 this morning:

With such a distraction, who can sew?

I broke down and bought Lesley Riley's "Quilted Memories" a few weeks ago:

What a great book! Lesley has helped me a great deal with image transfers on fiber. I love the book and was delighted to see pieces by several folks that I know, including my friend Rayna Gilman, and Jan Girod from Fiber On a Whim.

I'm also drooling and daydreaming over the wonderful fiber art in these little gems:

And then for a little late night reading, just to get the creative thoughts out of my head and let me rest a bit, there's Somerset Maugham. C's book club read "The Painted Veil" this summer, so I read it and we both watched the movie. Then I was hooked. So now I've bought just about all of his works and am slowly but surely enjoying each and every word! What a treasure he is!

I couldn't resist tucking this one last picture in:

I'm sure that my cousin Eva, in Sweden, will recognize these photos that I've transfered, since she sent them to me. They are both of my mother but curiously enough, I had never seen them before Eva sent them to me, in the form of a lovely book which she had created. You see, my grandmother had sent the photos back to Sweden years ago so that her parents and siblings could see their neice and nephew, and then they got tucked away in my cousin Sune's attic. When Eva was helping clean it out, there they were! I'm so glad that she found them!! The top picture is one of my Mom from school, and the one on the lower left was taken when she was much younger, with her mother, father and brother (he is pretty much cropped out of this picture). So, you can see just a tease of my journal quilt!

What are you reading these days?



joyce said...

That's a cute cartoon! I love the scene outside your window. I'd not get much work done. Lol.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I'm also glad that I found these pictures. When I did I think I burst out in something that could have been a prayer, or perhaps it was a curse. Maybe it was the last statement since I'm not religious :-/
Anyhow, I was a bit surly at my parents-in-law because they knew that I was looking for old photos. But THEY weren't interested in such old rubbish so they had probably forgotten that they had them.

The quilt with the transfered pictures is very creativ and nice. Wish I had your creativity and energy =)


Gerrie said...

Oooh! Thanks for the sneak peak. It looks very lush and lovely. Mine is very linear and architectural. Mr C had not seen it and came down to the studio while I was quilting and was quite taken with it. Made me so happy.

lemony said...

The view from your sewing room window would prevent me from getting anything done ever. It's lovely.

I'm currently reading Heart Sick by Chelsea Cain. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Peace to you. :)