Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's Cookin'

Here are some of the results of my screen printing session on Tuesday afternoon before we headed off to the Braves' game. I really like this one, as it reminds me of our time on Squam Lake with both the blue lake and the blue sky coming through the trees:

The next two pieces remind me of aspens in the fall, or perhaps the nasty summer forest fires around Sisters and Camp Sherman, Oregon.

All of the above pieces resulted from several sessions of dyeing, overdyeing, discharging, and then finally screenprinting. I am very pleased with my results and can't wait to make something out of them.

I love sleeping in these little silk camisoles that Dharma often offers up for sale. They are so comfy. So I decided to dye up just one more to add to my collection. Do you think they'd sell on my web site?

Here is a silk charmeuse scarf that I attempted a few complex cloth techniques on. The background fabric is really a lot darker than it appears here - more of an olive/khaki color. The character is Chinese red, not the fucshia that appears below.

We are hosting our church Foyers group here tomorrow night, so I've gotten busy making some lamb curry, which is one of my favorite dishes. Sorry about this blurred photo, but here's the beginning of the curry......can't you just smell the garlic, onions, celery and peppers sauteeing?

I've added the apples, which I find to be such a pleasant surprise when you come across them in your curry!

And here's the finished product with the lamb and plumped-up raisins visible:

I'll let the flavors in my concoction meld for 24 hours then thicken it up a bit and serve it over some yummy jasmine brown rice. MMMMMMMM!



Gerrie said...

Oh, wow! Was this post ever a treat for my senses. I could almost smell the lamb curry!

The complex cloth pieces are just absolutely fabulous. You know how I loves me some trees.

We have such a large church that it takes forever to get the Foyer groups organized.

Karen Hall said...

I like the screen prints - I think the colours in the top one are fab,
The bottom two look like beech-woods in the Autumn (fall I think in America!)
Warm Regards

Nellie's Needles said...


Eva Hagbjärn said...

Of cores you can sell the scarf and the silk camisoles on your we site! Why not?

But I don't think they would suite me with my big
body =(

Anyhow, I prefer a old-fashioned nightdress in
cotton =)))

Your screen printings just look fabulous with all that colors.


teodo said...

Your fabrics are fantastic!

In Italy we ask this dish STUFATO and is very good.
ciao ciao

Vicki W said...

Judy, those scren pronts are absolutely awesome!

Rayna said...

I know how you did the trees, but I'm not telling. Nice, Judy. And the silks are beautiful!! Can I come to dinner at your house, please?

Caron said...

Yes, I can smell the curry! What do you use in your curry spices?

Judy said...

I'm afraid I must admit, that I simply use Penzey's curry powder! But the curry was a huge hit, so it must have worked!!