Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Solvy, Part Deux

So, I went to bed last night with visions of Solvy dancing in my head! I could hardly wait to get up this morning and get started.........but wait, Wednesday is the day that I am out of the house running errands, going to the gym, having lunch with friends, visiting with my Mom and taking a class in the Architecture of Paris. Not to mention dinner at Church and an after dinner program! What to do? Well.......I was late getting out of the house because I just had to play with Solvy!

Here are the first pieces that I made this morning. I used a very pale blue chiffon scarf that I had had for eons, and some gold metallic thread. I stitched all of the leaves, but only rinsed the Solvy out of a couple and pressed them before I left the house. I was late and I had miles (literally) to swim!

While swimming, I began to think of lots more possibilities...hey, I had lots of time and not much else to do but move my arms, kick, and breath! I remembered that I had this brownish chiffon"dog scarf" (that's what my friend Diane and I call the ones that don't sell) that was begging for a new life. So after church tonight, I made these two:

Here's a close-up of the one on the left. I haven't done the fine line cutting on them yet, but you get the general idea.

What's great about this mindless stitching is that I can crank up "Eat Pray Love" on my ipod and catch up on Liz Gordon's life........"we've" just left India!

Now for those of you who don't "get" the whole Solvy thing, here's a recent cartoon out of the New Yorker that you might enjoy:

Oh, I hope you can read it!

Now I'm off to watch the World Series. I am so torn in this one. I cut my baseball teeth on the Red Sox and I'm so glad that they've made it back into the Series again, but now as an adult living in the Atlanta area, I feel major, major obligations to the National League and the Rockies. What's a girl to do? I think I'll just enjoy the last of the season, watch this year's creme de la creme play and not worry about rooting for either team!



joyce said...

I can see some solvy in my future. I love the way you've done the leaves.

Caarol in Reno said...

Judy - thank you so much for sharing your leaf idea - I am absolutely thrilled with the unlimited ideas for solvy projects.
New to me and I too have spent sleepness nights trying to figure out what to do next and how to do it. What fun!! I'll keep checking on your latest art pieces.

-Carol in Reno