Sunday, October 28, 2007

T'Would Be A Pity...........

not to visit the city!!!

After taking Barker for his nice, long walk through our Atlanta Midtown neighborhood this morning, we headed off to the Highland Bakery/Cafe in the Old Fourth Ward for breakfast:

Kristin and Dave introduced us to this wonderful eatery three weeks ago, and we haven't missed a Sunday since! This building originally housed the "Old Highland Bakery" in the early 1900s. Many of the elderly in this neighborhood recall enjoying the wonderful cinnamon rolls served here when they were youngsters. When neighborhood supermarkets opened, the bakery closed, and eventually the building housed artists' studios. Recently the old bakery was purchased by Stacey Eames and it has returned to its original use, plus the advent of the cafe. Thanks be to God!!! MMMMMMMMMM!!! As you walk through the front doors, here's what you observe on a normal Sunday morning:

And then you spy this little bakery case with all of the dilectable sweets offered for you to take home and devour:

You give your name, wait for a table and glance around at the bar and some of the fresh pastries that have just been loaded into yet another pastry case while you get yourself a cup of the Highland Bakery coffee:

These sweet potato biscuits, fresh out of the oven, greeted us at our table:

We enjoyed our coffee and biscuits, and then our breakfast arrived. C got this gorgeous plate of "Cowboy Benedict":

and I truly enjoyed the Highland Breakfast with fruit rather than meat:

I had to chuckle over the grits. My Mother and I had been discussing breakfasts the other day and she, being born and bred a Yankee cannot abide by "those corn things", which we Southerners fondly call grits. The grits at the Highland Bakery are so sweet and creamy...what's not to like???? Ok, ok, so I enjoyed half of a sweet potato biscuit, ALL of the grits, just one egg, and ALL of the fruit....isn't that acceptable??? Oh, it was so good!!!

Here's another view of the bakery crowd on a typical Sunday morning:

Next, we went to Ikea to make a few purchases for the condo. I love having Ikea so closeby!

Early in the afternoon we walked up to the Botanical Gardens to view the Fall flowers. Little did we know that it was
"Goblins in the Garden" Sunday and our visit would be accompanied by literally hundreds of little ghosts and goblins! Here's a cute little peacock toddling off from her parents:

and here's a Monarch Butterfly trying to escape from her doting Grandmother:

There were Scarecrows galore, and I was particularly attracted to this knitting scarecrow:

We sought refuge from many of the ghosts and goblins in the Orchid House, and then we went on to the Water Garden where I spotted these beautiful water lilies:

This evening we attended Evensong at
All Saints Episcopal Church, which is within walking distance of our condo. The Rev'd Noelle York-Simmons, who is one of our favorites, was preaching the Homily this evening, so we felt truly blessed.

Dinner tonight was again within walking distance at Pasta da Pulcinella. We feel it our bounden duty to conduct a tasting of the local Midtown calamari offerings, and tonight's was truly delightful! We also shared a mixed field green salad with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. C enjoyed the Tortelli de Mele (ravioli stuffed with Granny Smith Apples, sausage and parmigiano), while I just had to have the Gnocchi special, topped with sun-dried tomatoes and roasted walnuts.

What a terrific day!!! When I sit in my wheelchair in the old folks home, I will have very pleasant memories of this day in Midtown Atlanta!!!

So many of our Gainesville friends will not put up with the traffic to drive into Atlanta, and are frightened by the "dangers" in the big city. I embrace the people and the places of Atlanta, and am so thankful that C does the same!



joyce said...

What a wonderful day but I should have had breakfast before reading about that restaurant. If I ever get to Atlanta...unlikely but you never know.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Oh, yes that sounded like a very terrific, eventful and joyful day ;-)


Eva Hagbjärn said...
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Never-nobody-nothing said...

You probably know that american citizens are the most obese persons,and that obesity is a very big problem in USA.Here in Greece,it is also a coming problem.But looking on these dishes in this restaurant i think that sometimes you can do nothing else except eating them!!:)They look so delicious.!!!If i ever come to Atlanta i will go and eat some of them...

Judy said...

Dear "never-noby-nothing",
I know that obesity is a big problem here and everywhere in the world. Please do come to Atlanta and enjoy our marvelous cuisine. C and I do tend to eat more when we are in the city, but we also walk everywhere, so I think we burn off most of the excess calories. I try to eat healthfully and in moderation.
Thank you for your comment. I wish that I could access your blog, but you haven't left a profile, so it is impossible to trace you!

English Maestra said...

all your photos and descriptions of the atlanta food make me homesick! when i get back,you will have to take me with you to enjoy some of these treats!

Rayna said...

Well, excuse me! Here is one born and bred Yankee who loves good grits.