Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Morning View

Thought I'd share with you my view this morning as I enjoyed my yogurt and granola:

It's in the mid 30s here, and as you can see, there's a bit of mist rising off of our lake.

Have a great day!



Karen Hall said...

How stunning
love K

Eva Hagbjärn said...

LOVELY! Mmmmmm!


Karoda said...

do you think the fall colours this year are as intense as they were last fall or the previous the region here the leaves seem to be not as brilliant as i remember in previous autumns...speaking of being in the 30's, i'm hearing a howling wind as i type...brrrr

Fair isle faerie said...

Im greeeeeeeeeeeen with envy ! Just look at the colour in those trees, ohhhh how i miss tree's !


English Maestra said...

your pictures of the trees made me homesick. i suddenly realized that i was missing fall! i was glad to get to see some of the color this past weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi - very nice pictures of the backyard; i like the colors of the trees. We thought you should update the granddog total to two -- including Tucker, he would be very hurt if he could read. Also, Zora*k* is with a 'k'. She isn't Austrian.

PS - the beach is fantastic, and while we're sad we wont be with everyone for Thanksgiving, it's really nice to be here away from all the stress of work/Atlanta. Love to you guys! xo-kc & dc