Monday, November 26, 2007

What Fun!

I got some new DuPont gold water soluble gutta from Dharma in the mail the other day, so I had to try it out. I hurriedly drew a design on the stretched silk before we left for Atlanta last Friday. I could hardly wait to get home to begin applying the dyes, which I had mixed up on Friday as well. Sometimes I get these designs in my head, especially when I'm swimming, and they just won't go away until I get them down on silk. They become an obsession! So here is my new scarf before it went into the steamer this afternoon:

I've had several bad experiences with the metallic water soluble resists, so I went over the gutta lines with soy wax, just to be extra sure. I couldn't decide what to do with the background, and because it looked so nice while white, I was seriously tempted to leave it that way. However, I decided to go with a creamy beige, with some swirly resist lines, also done with soy wax.

This was one of the most fun pieces I've painted to date.

This afternoon I got busy quilting this little number for my Mother for Christmas:

Her two favorite colors are blue and lavender. I don't think that the quilting lines show up in the pic, and I'm fairly certain that blogger won't let you enlarge it, so I apologize. I used some blue Shimmer, and it is quite lovely. As I was quilting away on it, I thought how nice it might look in Christmas colors, so I've started another scarf. I hope to get some wax on it tomorrow, and I will use the Rozome technique on it.

The "kitchen designer" is coming tomorrow to have a look at our disaster area and draw up some plans that will hopefully encompass ALL of my hopes and desires. I'm very excited about our new project. If you have any helpful hints or want to share the very best and/or very worst parts of your kitchen with me, I'm all ears. But you'd better comment quickly because she'll be here in a little more than 12 hours!!! HURRY!!!!



Rayna said...

These are lovely, Judy! Your KD is coming? Ah, you will be joining the ranks of the TKO (totally kitchen obsessed). You have to go to the kitchen forum on the GardenWeb site!
There is more to learn there than you ever want to know about redoing a kitchen. It's great! There is an appliance forum, too. Just got off the phone with my contractor and am now getting very nervous about this big deal. But in for a penny, in for a pound! Is this for your kitchen in the new condo??

joyce said...

Your scarf is gorgeous. I think the background was a good choice.

Gerrie said...

Love these pieces. A new kitchen? That is a lot of work, but you have another place to hang out while it is torn up!

Whew! I think I am all caught up with your posts.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Love your scarf! Beautiful colors!
Sorry, have no hints about your kitchen, but hope it will went out as you wish :)

I didn't catch that it was you that would have a new condo. Thought it was a friend or...?

Sunny regards from Sweden

Karen Hall said...

I love these pieces - they have a lovely movement of line.
New kitchens are such fun!