Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Festivities

Last week I received a phone call from a returning customer who wanted to order a jacket for her mother-in-law for Christmas. She knew precisely what she wanted, but I did not have a jacket in stock, so she tried to find a scarf that would suit on my website. There were two scarves that interested her, but she really wanted a jacket, because she had purchased one for herself earlier and just loves it. So I placed a rush order to Dharma and then dyed the jacket to her specifications, using the design elements (including Rayna's potato masher) and colors in the scarves that she liked as guidelines. The jacket will go out in the mail to her this morning and she will take it to her mother-in-law in Seattle next weekend. Here it is, appearing a bit more orange than in real life, due to the flash:

It was a very fun process for me: both figuring out exactly what she wanted and then doing the soy wax batiking and the dyeing. I can just loose myself in all of that for hours on end.

I snapped this picture in our diningroom yesterday:

It was our first sunny day since the window treatments were installed and we reaped their benefits: no sun in our eyes over lunch! woohoo!!! We can lower them just enough to block the sun and yet still take advantage of our view. Yes!!!

I served as Chalice Bearer at our home church in the morning, and then we left for Atlanta shortly after lunch, so as to enjoy the Christmas Lessons and Carols at the Cathedral of St. Philip. It was wonderful, as always.

Afterwards we headed down to K & D's for a bit of traditional Christmas cookie decorating. As you can see from the photo below, their puppy Tucker has some new garments:

Last week, while K was out running with "the boys", Tucker was attacked by two Pit Bulls, and K was bitten in her attempts to get her puppy out of the clutches of the PBs. Tucker had to have a bit of surgery to put his tummy back together, and he has two drains inserted right now. Poor little (well, not so little anymore) guy! Because of the bite that K received, the PB's are now quarantined.

When K was growing up, it was our tradition to make C's mother's Christmas cookies just before the big day. Apparently K really loves that tradition, so she invited us down to help decorate the ones that she and D had cut out on Saturday. Besides, I have the candy thermometer that is needed for making the icing! It's nice to see that K has taken over my former roll of "icer and bowl licker":

Hmmmmm, there seems to be an open bottle of wine in this picture....sure makes the decorating go a lot quicker than in the old days!

And here's poor little Tucker in his Elizabethan collar and t-shirt:

We went out for Mexican food at La Casita afterwards and drove by this funkily (is that a word?) decorated truck:

Thanks for dropping by. I am enjoying reading comments from so many new folks...I'm glad that you are delurking for the holidays!!! LOL I hope your lives are calm, your health is the best, and your holidays are merry!


Gerrie said...

So nice to see you enjoying the festivities with K & D. In our family, K & D are Steve's youngest brother and his wife — Kristin and David.

Lisa is arriving soon with her new companion Willifredo, the chihuahua. The revelry continues.

The very merriest Christmas to you, C, Barker, K & D and the dogs. So sorry to hear about the PB attack.

Felicia said...

Merry Christmas :)

joyce said...

The jacket turned out really well. I'm sure she'll love it. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Karen Hall said...

Have a Happy Christmas Judy,
Love K

Diane said...

Super jacket!
Many blessings to all of you!

Russ Little said...

Love the jacket. It's the perfect use of the potato masher. It makes a lovely edge trim without looking like a kitchen tool.

I saw your post from the 22nd. I was a chalice bearer last night at our late Christmas Eve service. That's when Christmas is most real for me.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming year.


A Fiber Frolic said...

So enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all of your beautiful creations. Easy to pick up on your enthusiasm for all things beautiful.



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Poor Tucker and K, it can’t be any nice experience to be bitten of a Pit-bull!
Looks like you all had a very fun time when you decorated the cakes.

Continues Merry Christmas and hugs to you all!

Love Eva

Plain Jane said...

ah, poor Tucker!
Any cookies left? :-)