Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Part Deux

C gave me an awesome closeup lens for my digital camera for Christmas, so you must now indulge me a bit while I play around with it! I'm really excited about this new little piece of equipment.

Here is one of my handmade Christmas Cards for this year:

I carved a stamp using Picasso's wonderful Peace Dove as my guide, and then used fabric paints to stamp it on silk organza. I printed as many "peace" translations as I could find on card stock and then sewed the organza over the top. The edge of the organza is "finished" in gold luquitex. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot (repeating this process 100 times ought to help you learn something, right?) about stamping.

Can you guess what this is:

It is the tile on our livingroom floor. I love that tile and was pleased to see how the closeup lens worked on it.

Here is our darling grandpuppy Tucker in all his glory, Elizabethan collar, t-shirt and all:

And here is our other granddog, Marley, asleep in his bed with his newest toy resting securly under his head, so that neither Barker nor Tucker can snatch it away!

Here is Barker, one tired boy after an evening of frolics with his two nephews! One might also title this pic "And what big teeth you have GrandMa"!!

We spent a lovely day enjoying lively conversation and a sumptuous holiday feast of Standing Rib Roast, Yorkshire Pudding, Roasted Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, and yummy Italian Cake with our dear friends Bobbie and her mother Jill, plus my mother. Now we are home resting up from all of the festivities!




Gerrie said...

Your card is beautiful and I loved getting one in the mail. The dove stamp was genius!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry i did not make your list this year....your card is very lovely! Very creative--in addition to the message, the edging is a nice touch!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Yes, your card is very beautiful. I’ll save it and take it out now end then, and when I do, I’ll be thinking of you all.