Tuesday, January 22, 2008

House Calls

Few Drs make House Calls anymore, but my friend Dr. Roberta Eaton is an exception to the rule. You see, Dr. Eaton specializes in the treatment and prevention of unturned heels, slipped gussets, dropped stitches, omitted rows, reversed rows, and all manner of sockitis. She is affectionately referred to as Dr. Sock, and boy was I glad to receive a call from her yesterday saying that she was on her way to my house! She did however allow that she was making a quick stop at the local wine and cheese store first: hmmmm, did she know that my particular case was going to be a challenge?? It did take the good Dr. about two hours to sort out my many ailments and get me back on the straight and narrow! Here are her three patients:

I am pleased to announce that Pt. Blue, on the right, has made a full recovery, while pts orange-multi and black cashmere are resting comfortably in their respective units.

After Dr. Eaton departed, appearing rather weery and in need of a wine infusion, it looked as if her patients were stable so C and I took a short LOA to see Atonement at our local theater. We liked it, but were not as emotionally overcome as our daughter had been. The cinematography was phenomenal, the acting great, and I must say that the time passed very quickly. I'm not sure that I would give it my vote for Best Picture, but I would recommend it as a must see..........and on the big screen.

We also did a local tour of kitchen appliances and may have actually made some progress in this area! PHEW!! I'm worn out in this department and am ready to move on to the countertops, ceramic tile floor, and backsplash, thank you very much!!! I will divulge the "winners" when the final purchases have been made, but suffice it so say that they will ALL be stainless steel and the fridge will be a French door, freezer in the bottom, and only water-in-the-door, no ice.

We had freezing rain today.......oh joy! Fortunately Barker and I had our romp on the golf course before it started. Unfortunately I had many errands to do (retrieve a "sold" scarf from the art center gift shop, get my allergy shots, visit my Mom, pick up a few items at the grocery store), and had to brave the ugly elements. Our town is fortunate enough to have a wonderfully huge Corp of Engineers lake (Lanier) running smack dab through the middle of it, but for those of us who live on the outskirts of town, we must drive over bridges to get into town to carry on the majority of our business. So on icey days like today, it becomes a bit of a challenge. But then the strong must endure!!!

I've worked on P&P a lot today, with much input from my great friend Robin. The good Dr. Eaton also suggested several methods of treatment, and I have taken those under advisement. I will show more pics when it is completed. Thank you all for you input: it was most appreciated in my desperate hours of need!



Carol said...

Judy, you are a dynamo, fitting so much into a day. I love that you needed the sock doctor - you have my admiration for even considering making socks. I'm a knitting wimp though I do make the odd scarf and I have made an enormous evening wrap that just kept getting bigger and bigger. I have to be very careful how I wear it because my daughter Suzy pointed out, absolutely correctly, that if I wrap it right around myself I look rather like an emu. I can't explain that, you have to be there.
Carol xx

Joyce said...

Lucky you to know a sock doctor. I knitted a pair for DH last year and started one for myself but they have stalled. Now we are leaving for hot weather so maybe next year they will get finished.