Thursday, January 31, 2008

Out with the old

C and I have enjoyed our new window treatments in our living and dining rooms so much that we decided to get the same ones for my sewing room. It has been almost impossible to work in there during the late morning and afternoon this time of year because the sun is so bright reflecting off of the lake. Here are some before and after shots:

Preserve & Protect is layed out on my sewing table, here with the old draperies still in tact.

Here's how it now looks. Ahhhh, much cleaner lines, don't you think? That is as far down as the window treatments need to go, and during the morning hours, they are all the way up to the top!

Here's the old view, looking out on our lakeside patio:

....and here's how it looks now, with the new window treatments snugged up under the cornice board:

The "old view" looking out toward the pool patio (and our new fence courtesy of the Good News/Habitat Boys):

.....and the "new view" with the window treatments once again snugged up under the cornice board:

I did a lot of window washing, inside and out, before the men came to install the window treatments. Little did I realize that my equilibrium was still off, until I once again became very dizzy. The first time it happened, I was able to overcome it by just sitting still for about an hour. The next time was a different story, however: I was down and out with another severe case of vertigo that lasted for about 12 hours. Needless to say, I am still not over "the crud".

Yesterday I took it easy, finally getting to quilt on Preserve and Protect.

My self-imposed deadline for this piece is today...not sure that I will get it finished, but tomorrow I must begin packing up our kitchen for the great renovation to begin!
I am doing a bit of edge finishing similar to Terry Grant's method around various sections of the wall hanging. I found some lovely fibers at Fiber On A Whim last week, and these are very adaptable to P&P and Terry's method!

I see that Blogger has once again gone a bit crazy with the picture and text placement, but I don't have time to fiddle with it, so please just bear with me on this. I am delighted however that my pics are finally enlarging.......thanks Karen!!!)



Joyce said...

Nice window treatments and you have a great view.

Karen Hall said...

Gosh your sewing room is tidy - is it always like that?
Sorry to hear about the vertigo - know what that is like
Like where Preserve and protect is going

Gerrie said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know what to comment on first - shutting out too much sun - aye yi yi! I can't imagine too much sun in Jan/Feb. I guess that when I lived in CA, I might have had that problem once in a while!!

You poor dear. Do you remember when I had the vertigo last year? I did a week to ten days of afrin nasal spray, cortisone nasal spray and saine rinses 2 - 3 times a day. This winter? gone - na da. I don't even have to do saline rinses that often. I also gave up the cortisone spray. I hope you can find relief. I know how awful it feels.

Patsy said...

Nice bright sewing room!!! Good choice for shades, they look much sharper.
Like your preserve & protect or is it protect & preserve quilt???