Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wait Wait!

....or maybe I should title this post "What Was I Thinking??????" Anyway, as we were getting ready to leave for Atlanta yesterday afternoon, I was having huge second thoughts about Preserve and Protect. I basically felt that it was very elementary....ah, another blog title: "Elementary Dear Watson!". I knew that when I next layed my eyes upon my design wall I was going to rip P&P down and rip it apart. Little did I know that it would be less than 24 hours later! (more on that part in a minute)

So, here's the destruction phase of P&P:

It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I'm totally revamping it, and here is something like how I'm planning it:
Right now the studio is warming up a bit, and I'm heading back out to do some more bat painting.

So, why are we home? Well, we woke up this morning to a revised weather report with 3"+ of snow forecast for Atlanta. While that may not sound like much to you, it is HUGE for Atlanta, and will cause the city to come to a complete standstill! Three realtors had made appointments to show the condo today, and we decided that Barker needed to be home and not snowed-in in a one bedroom condo for the weekend. So, we met up with K & D for a quick and delicious breakfast at the Old Highland Bakery and then headed for home:

It was a pretty drive, and thankfully the snow had not yet started to stick. The temp was staying right around 34 until we hit our little town and then it dropped to 32. Thankfully the bridges over our lake had been sanded, so there was no problem with any of the drive.
The snow here has about stopped, with only an inch or two of accumulation, but I hear that it is still coming down in Atlanta. We made a wise move to come home. In the meantime, two more realtors have called to say that they will be showing the condo this weekend. YIKES!!!

Anybody for a swim?



Eva Hagbjärn said...

Good decision to go back to Gainesville and no, I don’t want to take a swim! Brrrrr!!!!


Jeannie said...

I really like this phase of P&P. It is very interesting, the message gets across, and I love the colors. I just zoomed home from errands as we are starting to get snow after a morning of sunshine. Weird, wacky winter! Cheers.