Sunday, February 03, 2008

How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

As we were driving back from Atlanta this afternoon, I got a peek at Barker in my rear view mirror:

Then I snapped a couple more pics over my shoulder (no, I was not driving!):

People often drive up along side of us, pointing at Barker, sitting in the backseat with his snout up on the edge of the window. Either that, or he sits bolt upright, chest stuck out and head held high. He is such a funny boy!

A realtor showed our condo yesterday afternoon, so we had to skedaddle and take Barker along with us. Well, darn! LOL It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon with temps in the high 60s. We had a late lunch on the patio at MetroFresh, did a bit of shopping at Trader Joe's and also browsed around at our favorite thrift shop. I found this great old book:

It obviously made the rounds at some college, but I cannot figure out which one.

I love these old signatures, don't you?

I wish this book could tell me its story!

I've begun packing up the kitchen.......yuck! When I get a chance I'll post some before pictures, and show you where the changes will be made, and also the things that I hate the very most about my present kitchen.

Our realtor has just called and we've had a second offer on the condo. We got one offer 2 days after it went on the market, but it was too low to even consider. This new offer is low as well, but not quite as bad as the first. C and I are discussing it and will talk more with the realtor tomorrow.

We're not avid football fans, but with my Pats in the Super Bowl, I feel like I may have to go to a glance at the game. Go Pats!!!!


my blogger buddy Karen has been working with me some more, trying to help me get my pics to enlarge........all of these except for the last seem to have worked! Thanks Karen, you are a doll!!!


Carol said...

I feel as though Barker is my blogger buddy. He's such a handsome boy, and does rather look as though he knows it. What a darling. Good luck with the kitchen. Mine is the place where I make books so consequently very little gets done in there by the way of cooking. I can't afford my book spaces to get wet, greasy or otherwise mucky. Luckily I'm not very interested in food - unless cooked for me by someone else of course.

Gerrie said...

Too bad! My Giants won! Oh, Carol can't have Barker - he is my blogger buddy!!!! I found him first. I just love him - every time you have a photo, I am so happy.

Back to the Giants. My mom was a huge Giant's fan. She died in an auto accident just before they were due to play in a superbowl back in the 80's. So I have to root for the giants, for my mom.

XXOO You sound better.

Joyce said...

Good luck on selling the condo. your weather is certainly nicer than ours although it is beautiful with hoar frost this morning.

komodori said...

Barker. What a noble beast. I envy your Harmony book and will want to peek inside it. There is a Maricopa Hall women's dorm at the University of Arizona that was built in the 1920's---that would be my best guess. Try to stay sane during the renovation. I love the candid photo of your studio space. It looks like my bedroom and gives me hope. And soon you will have your kitchen looking like my bedroom---even better! Our Doug was phenomenal yesterday. What a guy! If you are getting ashes at noon Wednesday I'll see you then. And boy, I hope you're better. I'm still using Musinex, cause when I stop I drip. But I feel so wonderful and reinvigorated. "Sing and rejoice for Fortune is smiling on you!"

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Barker is always looking so proud and grand =)

xo/kram Eva