Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This has gotta be my most favorite part of the kitchen demo/reno thus far:

Bill is removing the !@#$%^& popcorn ceiling!!! I am so thrilled!!!!

Here we have two electricians and the hvac man:

When I first walked into the room, there was only one guy visible but many voices. It turned out that Rick, the gentleman in the red shirt was up in the attic working on the wiring, while "Rooster", the gentleman seated, was down under the floor. They finally figured out what that long dangling cord hanging down from the ceiling was: the phone line to the bedroom wing of the house. Actually, I figured it out when I tried to make a call and the phone in our bedroom was dead, but the ones in the main part of the house were still working. Live and learn!

In the art department, I'm working on some inkjet transfers. Here is my Grandpa Herman, recently transferred to a piece of rusted muslin. Quite appropriate since he is the husband of "Rusty Gusty"!

I'm elated to read how well Obama did in yesterday's primaries. Yes indeedy, there is hope!!


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Eva Hagbjärn said...

I'm glad that I don't have that kind of messiness in my house.
The man in red looks just like Bertil (at a long distance). He use to stand exactly like that, but he doesn't have a beard ;-)

Kram Eva