Friday, March 28, 2008


The Silk Painters of Atlanta met today at Chastain Art Center. This is one of my favorite groups and I try my darnedest to attend the meetings. Our group "Mom" Martha couldn't attend because she is in the hospital (some folks will go to no lengths to skip a meeting!), and we missed her terribly and send along our best wishes for her speedy recovery, but we managed to get through the tortures of the meeting...only kidding!

Hellene was wearing a lovely silk scarf that she had dyed, and so we asked her to take it off and explain her processes:

Isnt' it great!!!! I wish I had a full length pic of it so you could see all of the colors that she used. Well done Hellene!!

It was a treat (especially for me!) to have Julie Jennings join us today. I had met Julie just once before when she was exhibiting her beautiful works at the Flower Show in Atlanta. Here is a portion of one of the scarves that she brought along for our 'show and tell':

I showed a few of the tees that I have been dyeing plus the kimono jacket that I shared with you yesterday. I will post more pics on the Silk Painters of Atlanta blog spot tomorrow.

Atlanta's Rush hour traffic back to Midtown was already going strong at 3:00 PM when I left Chastain to head back to Midtown. C, Barker and I loaded up the car and headed north to our 'real' home.

Tonight I've had the pleasure of completing sock numero uno in pair tres of my knitting journey:

As you can plainly see, this sock has a ruffled cuff......I thought it would be "cute" and also an increase in my learning curve, but alas, I do not like it! So: that is the end of the ruffled cuff for moi! Sock numero dos in pair tres will have a traditional cuff, ergo: no ruffle!!!

Look for more about today tomorrow at the SPA blog!



Gerrie said...

Hellene's scarf is to dye/die for. How did she do that?

A Fiber Frolic said...

We can remove the ruffle. LOL


Carol said...

The scarves are beautiful. Does this mean your socks will be unmatched? Lucky you have Roberta for these occasions. Hugs to Barker OOOO. I saw several poodles at the markets yesterday but none so handsome as your boy. xxoo