Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Light Fantastic

As promised, the electricians showed up bright and early this morning to finish installing our new lights. I love these pendants, and it is really nice to have the halogen cans up in the ceiling, rather than hanging down with all their glare.

Here's a little closer look at the pendants:

C has been keeping the guys busy rebuilding the old patio arbor. We have decreased its size from I believe 9 uprights to 3, added a little "roof" (to keep C and the grill dry when he is grilling in rainy weather), and may leave it natural, to match the new pool fencing. The men hadn't added the "roof" when I snapped this picture:

That is Pat, our contractor, on the left. I am so pleased with all of the work that he and his crew have done for us. They were great to work with, and even though both C and I treasure our privacy, I think we may actually miss having those guys around!

I had a few this afternoon to play with the silk charmeuse yardage that I showed you yesterday. I hope that I'll have a finished piece to display, stay tuned!!!



Vicki W said...

Your kitchen is beautiful!!

Gerrie said...

We grill year round and are happy to have a nice covered area. Have I told you that your music startles me when I open your blog. I have to turn down my sound.

Carol said...

That granite looks wonderful on your bench. I think I'll miss your kitchen pics when it's all finished. Just noticed your little clock showing cost of the Iraq war - what a horror. I've always loved America but between your President & our ex Prime Minister I nearly lost my faith in both our countries. Our new PM has made me feel proud again to be Australian and now I have my fingers crossed for Obama. OOXX

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Your kitchen looks so user-friendly and practical.
The lights are very nice and classy and the bench is so liveful.

Plain Jane said...

oh your kitchen is just wonderful!! and your back '40' is pretty fabulous too.