Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

C and I have been off on a pretty fabulous little birding trip to western North Carolina for the past several days. The trip was led by our good friend Simon Thompson of Ventures Birding Tours, Asheville, NC and we had the pleasure of once again staying at Snowbird Mountain Lodge in Robbinsville, NC. Here is the view out of the livingroom windows on Sunday evening when we arrived:

you may click on all of the photos for enlarged views! Yay Blogger!!!!

The weather was chillier than usual, and we had a bit of drizzle on Monday, but that didn't stop us, or the birds!

Simon is an incredible birder and also a very knowledgeable, giving and caring guide. We were mainly interested in seeing the migrating warblers, but of course there are all of the lovely wildflowers blooming this time of year in the Smokies, like this trillium:

Here you can see the forest floor just covered with Trillium Grandiflora:

Here's a closeup of the lovely grandiflora with a buttercup thrown in for good measure:

We had some good friends accompanying us on this trip, and we met a lot of great folks while we were there! As always our accomodations at Snowbird were fabulous and the food was incredible! I was never able to get online with my laptop, so no blogging and only sporadic email checking on their computer. It's amazing how attached I've become to the internet!

more pics tomorrow.............I hope!



Joyce said...

We live on the edge of a raptor migration route so a lot of birders come to this area during migration. I believe it's over now until fall. The trilliums are lovely.

Carol said...

Now I realise where you've been. And I lost my password so couldn't get on to Google at all to blog or send messages. Nice photos, envious of your trip of course. Don't think I've ever seen Trilliums. Was B okay about you going again?

Gerrie said...

You went birding again? Be careful or you will turn into one of those strange senior citizens!! Did you do any campaigning for Obama while you were in NC?