Monday, April 07, 2008

I finished this pair of sox on Saturday morning, just in time to throw sock #2 in the wash, felt it and dry it, so that I could wear it to Atlanta later that afternoon. After the laundering, they were just the right size and wonderfully comfy!

While the colors are attractive, they really aren't my colors...what was I thinking when I picked out that yarn????? Anyway, I can't stand to be idle-handed in the evenings, so I scheduled a trip over to Knitch on Sunday. When I arrived, I couldn't find a parking place anywhere, and then when I stepped into the shop, I was amazed to see it wall-to-wall ladies! It's a popular place, but this was ridiculous! Turns out that Yarn Harlot was there to speak! That explains everything!! I found this yummy Noro sock yarn:

Actually, the colors are brighter than the pic shows, if you can imagine it! I've knit a good bit done on the first soc, and will show you a picture in a day or two.

Yesterday afternoon, C, Kristin, and I took in the annual Midtown Tour of Homes, one of our favorite Atlanta events. It's always fun to hear what Kristin has to say about the homes, as her feel is pretty much totally opposite from mine. I'm not sure if it's a generational thing or just different tastes, but I somehow think it's the latter. Anyway, the weather was perfect and the homes were delightful! Afterwards, Dave caught up with us for some wine and cheese at our new digs and then we all went out for a yummy dinner at Top Floor.

C and I came home to Gainesville today and were greeted by blooming Red Buds:

the weeping cherry that my Mom gave us several years ago as an anniversary present has burst into bloom as well:

some gorgeous Crested Dwarf Irises given to us by our cousins Heather and Scott:

and Candy Tuft that was planted by the previous owners, and is now thriving EVERYWHERE:

and there's my boy at the pool: reminds me of Narcissus, admiring his reflection in the water!



corryna said...

I really like the colours of your wool


Carol said...

Wow, such a lot to read today! I loved the Yarn Harlot's site and I've never seen so many knitters and socks. I like the colour of yours, and the new wool too. So do you always felt your socks before wearing them? Tell B I saw 2 big poodles at the markets today, a grey and a black, and a smaller white. None so handsome, of course. OX

Gerrie said...

That yarn is fabulous. We have tons of weeping cherries here in Portland's pink season - I love them.

Anonymous said...
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